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DDQIC 2021 Startup Showcase

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James McLellan

DDQIC Academic Director (Emcee)

Gregory Bavington

Executive Director

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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre (DDQIC)

DDQIC enables and supports innovation of students, entrepreneurs, and Canadian companies with incubators, courses, internships, competitions and more.


Actionable Nuggets - QICSI Finalist

Credible, concise, actionable information: the one-stop-shop for low prevalence, high demanding primary care.

Coastr - QICSI Finalist

An app that allows restaurant customers to pay their bill through their phones without having to wait for a server

Vireine - QICSI Finalist

Vireine offers an accurate digital fitting solution that helps users understand their breasts and find a bra that fits comfortably.

Afiya Beauty - B2S Finalist

We are a sister duo that create and formulate non-toxic, effective skincare products that balance scientific innovation with nature's ability to heal, nourish, and repair the skin.

Neuractas - B2S Finalist

Neuractas is dedicated to developing high-impact therapeutics for orphan neurologic indications.

CaddieHealth - B2S Finalist

We build AI-powered software to reduce the administrative burden on physicians.

Remote Optometry - B2S Finalist

Remote Optometry is a Canadian start-up working to develop the next generation of tele-optometry, providing patients across the country with ongoing and synchronous access to an eye doctor.

S.H.E - B2S Finalist

S.H.E aims to help underprivileged women from rural Indian villages to tackle mental health disorders by providing self-care provisions and through income generating opportunities.

Smart Biomedical - B2S Finalist

Lung collapse is a potentially fatal condition that can occur spontaneously or due to trauma. We have a developed a treatment that will save lives and healthcare resources.

Christie's Crisps - JLMCF Finalist

Christie's crisps offers quality and affordable potato crisps directly to consumers and through local retail shops. We rely on GENERATED AND MARKET FIT DEMAND and generate revenue through sales.

Altery - JLMCF Finalist

Altery provides access to financial services to the informal sector by mitigating credit risk for financial providers through a proprietary alternative credit scoring algorithm.

HemPad South Africa - JLMCF Finalist

HemPad SA is a for-profit social enterprise to address the inequitable access to sustainable, safe, and affordable sanitary products and services, using hemp and AI/chatbots to tackle period poverty.

Hya Bioplastics - JLMCF Finalist

Hya Bioplastics is creating biodegradable packaging from re-engineered plant fibres. They have developed an innovative and patent-pending process that re-engineers plant fibres to produce bioplastics.

Kawallet - JLMCF Finalist

A mobile application which creates a direct financial link between parents and children in schools by enabling parents to send money to their children while aiding children to make use of keyholders t

SELF - QYV Finalist

SELF is a standardized and scalable online training program that uses interactive modules to teach sex trafficking prevention in schools and intervention in businesses.

Fusecast - QICSI

A digestible news platform for Gen-Z changemakers.

Ditto - QICSI

Ditto helps users encapsulate projects into a single project workspace, which allows for seamless opening, closing and transitioning between workflows!

Recyclify - QICSI

Recyclify is a mobile app that uses a smart grocery list, image scanner & rewards system to encourage consumers to purchase environmentally responsible goods, and to dispose of them properly.

Global Galleria - QICSI

Global Galleria provides a platform for diverse women entrepreneurs to have ready market access and obtain continuous learning and mentoring in entrepreneurship.

Kidcode - QICSI

We teach kids of all ages on how to code using intuitive animation videos. We have an integrated terminal and video player on the website and hence its a zero setup process to learn to code.

Let's Bloom - B2S

LetsBloom aims to increase conversations surrounding mental health at home by providing personalized selections of children's books and learning resources to Canadian families.

MindLinked - B2S

Our solution combines EEG and VR tools to develop a treatment plan for people recovering from spinal cord injuries so they can regain the use of their limbs.

Itatra - JLMCF

Our vision is to seek for a better and equal education by providing up-to-date equipment and training to the Physics and Chemistry high school teachers.

Nephron Health - B2S

Nephron Health enables kidney failure patients to take back control over their health. Our program is a three part process based on the proven shared care philosophy.

Hamba Canada Inc. - QICSI

An AI-focused technology company that uses machine learning and big data to reinvent urban movement for both people and goods.

Bidigreen - JLMCF

Smokeless Charcoal

JB Veterinary Drug Shop - JLMCF

Improving veterinary extension services is the magical bullet.