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DroneDeploy Conference 2021

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Mike Winn

CEO & Co-Founder, DroneDeploy

Nick Pilkington

CTO & Co-Founder, DroneDeploy

Jono Millin

CCO & Co-Founder, DroneDeploy

Tim Conroy

Northeast Field Technology Group Leader, DPR

Stuart Drahota

Southeast Field Technology Leader, DPR

Frank Husted

SE Field Tech Manager, DPR

Elizabeth Hall

Lead Engineer, Eversource Energy

Tim Dykstra

Director of Channel Sales, Boston Dynamics

David Inggs

Head of Ground Robotics, DroneDeploy

Marissa Konicke

Product Manager, DroneDeploy

Rebecca Lehman

Social Impact Manager, DroneDeploy

Julio Rojas

Director of Production Forestry, Weyerhaeuser

Tim Frost

Area Manager (Midlands and Anglia), Tillhill Forestry

Anand Gajbhiye

Director of Construction Technologies, Joeris

Austin Lay

Visualization Coordinator, Layton

Adam Carp

Solutions Engineer, DroneDeploy

Anna Schneider

Product Marketing Manager, DroneDeploy

Bryce Roberts

Solutions Engineer, DroneDeploy

Adam Savage

GM APAC, DroneDeploy

Tom Caska

CEO & Co-Founder, Aerologix

Elliot Salisbury

Head of Technical Development, CSX

Parker Deuel

Solutions Engineer, DroneDeploy

Ryan Hittie

Innovation Specialist, Brasfield & Gorrie

Nick Dryer

UAS Field Operations Manager, BNSF Railway

Jason Hanlon

Northern Great Plains Land Steward, The Nature Conservancy

Kathy Nguyen

Solutions Engineer, DroneDeploy

Andrew Dennison

Director of Professional Services, DroneDeploy

Matt Lyon

Professional Services Manager, DroneDeploy

Vincent Kot

Director Project Management Office, SB Energy (Softbank Group)

Tom Karemacher

VP, Procore

Darren Pearce

Sr Marketing Advisor, Calibre Group

Lem Prestage

IT Manager, Southbase Construction

Rhys Andersen

Vice President/Roofing Division, SCBS

Marina Makri

Environmental & Technical Data Analyst, Climate Solutions Exchange

Chris Binschus

Northeastern Reclamation Specialist, COGCC

Sam Marking

Project Manager, Invenergy

Dustin Waller

Sr. UAS Analyst, Occidental Petroleum

Alejandro Uribe Lopez

Drone Operations Lead, MAB

Samantha Teten

Developmental Agronomist, Syngenta

Steve Schill

Lead Scientist, Caribbean Division, The Nature Conservancy

Brian Richman

Enterprise Product Manager, Skydio

Brandon Ramon

CT Project Manager, Joeris

George Raber

Professor, The University of Southern Mississippi

Sander Mos

Senior Technology Coordinator Heavy Oil, Chevron

Dean Miller

Virtual Construction Engineer, Sundt

Richard Hurley

Mechanical Inspection Engineer, Chevron

Anthony Malabed

Site Survey Specialist, Sunrun

Paul Helm

Project Manager, Site Survey, Sunrun

Michael Lambert

VDC Manager, Chasco

Kirk Klausmeyer

Director of Data Science, The Nature Conservancy

Justin King

Project Engineer, Ghilotti Bros.

Andy Howard

CEO & Co-Founder, Climate Solutions Exchange

Tyler Hollon

Business Development Specialist, Wadman

Rob Beeler

Customer Business Manager, AES

Ben Stocker

Construction Technologist, Skender

Jared Jacks

Project Manager, Clark Contractors

Andy Heggenstaller

Head of Agronomy, US Seeds, Syngenta

Jason Gomez

Compliance Supervisor, COGCC

John Diaz

Vice President/UAS Director of Operations, GPI

Italo Cruz

Sr. Construction Technology Specialist, CORE Construction

Sean Connell

Senior Geologist, Chevron

Jason Carignan

Mine Technician, Impala Canada

Tom Briggs

Technology Manager, IPI

David Price

Chief UAS Pilot, GPI

Guillaume Delepine

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Skydio

Ryan Kahn

Regional VDC Manager, Bartlett Cocke

Robert Havins

Senior Manager - Integrated Construction, Bartlett Cocke

Nick Luzar

State Manager - NSW/ACT, Hansen Yuncken

Darren Crichton

General Manager - Commercial and Performance, Downer

Brent Hoade

National Aerial Damage Assessment Team Manager, Disaster Relief Australia

Elena Buenrostro

Founder, Women Who Drone

Robyn Benincasa

Top Leadership & Teamwork Motivational Speaker, Full-time Firefighter

Alejandro Pacheco

Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP

Angelo Moreno

Manager & Developer, UNDP

Jairo Alberto Matallana Villarreal

Programme Manager - Rule of Law and Crisis Response, UNDP

Juan David Martin Jimenez

Head of Experimentation, UNDP

Brent Rechtfertig

Customer Success Manager, DroneDeploy

Andrew Remis

Customer Success Manager, DroneDeploy

Brooks Allwardt

Professional Services Manager, DroneDeploy

Lindsey Huffman

Enterprise Support, DroneDeploy

Karen Joyce

Founder, SheMaps

Sally French

Founder, The Drone Girl

Peter King

Head of Robotic Solutions, InDro Robotics

Dr. Catherine Ball

Associate Professor, Author & Founder The Australian National University

Alex Hennessey

Customer Success Manager, DroneDeploy

James Pipe

VP of Product, DroneDeploy

Andrew Fraser

Product Director, DroneDeploy

Katie O'Leary

Director of Product Marketing, DroneDeploy

Tabitha Foree

Customer Success Manager, DroneDeploy

Samuel Willis

Technical Support Lead, DroneDeploy

Andrew Rosic

Solutions Engineer, DroneDeploy

Olivia Struckman

Product Manager, DroneDeploy

Zach Kozac

Product Designer, DroneDeploy

Andrey Konchenko

Sr Product Manager, DroneDeploy

Jon Henson

Customer Success Manager, DroneDeploy

Jay Ryoo

Product Director, DroneDeploy

Michelle Kloberdanz

Customer Success Manager, DroneDeploy

Jason Nichols

Product Marketing Lead (AEC), DroneDeploy

Jay Mulakala

Manager of Solutions Engineering, DroneDeploy

Ben Alves

Sr. Product Manager, DroneDeploy

Grant Hosticka

Head of Enterprise Solution Engineering, North America, DJI

Samantha Robinson

Customer Success Manager, DroneDeploy

Trevor Mogg

Account Executive, DroneDeploy

Gunthar Hartwig

Director of User Experience, DroneDeploy

Luka Zivkovic

Business Development, Agremo

Gentry Nissen

Customer Support Associate, DroneDeploy

Danielle Plaxico

Customer Support Associate, DroneDeploy

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DroneDeploy transforms the physical world into the digital.  As the leading enterprise-grade site reality platform, our software converts job sites, structures, and assets into easy-to-understand digital representations, generating valuable insights for industries including construction, energy, and agriculture. By making site reality accessible and valuable to everyone, we're changing the way businesses collect, manage, and interpret visual data. Trusted by brands globally, our platform makes it possible for companies of any size to improve their operational workflows through scalable image processing, analysis through machine learning, and organization-wide collaboration.  No matter the industry, the location or the altitude, DroneDeploy ensures our customers get the complete view of their operations quickly, accurately, and securely.

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Our mission is to make the world more productive, creative, and safe with autonomous flight.


The most powerful field analytics software for precision agriculture


DJI technology empowers us to see the future of possible. partnerships to build a better world

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive.

Disaster Relief Australia

Skilled military veterans and emergency services specialists rapidly deploy disaster relief teams both in Australia and around the world.

Urban Rivers

Transforming City Rivers into Urban Sanctuaries

Eden Reforestation

Eden aims to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local people to plant millions of trees every year.

United Nations Development Programme

UNDP works in 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty while protecting the planet.

OSM Uganda

Promotes community mapping, generates map awareness, actively pledges open data sets and builds a network of enthusiastic mappers in Uganda.


Exploring and documenting the Yucatan Peninsula’s aquifer using cutting-edge diving and data capture technology

Women Who Drone

We spark creativity and empowerment in women with drone technology.


Connecting People Technology and Information - By transforming the ways in which we collect and create environmental information, we can work together to strengthen ecosystem-based management in the Caribbeanems

Water for Good

Clean and Lasting Water for the Central African Republic

San Francisco Baykeeper Alliance

Baykeeper defends the health of San Francisco Bay and Bay Area residents.

Woman and Drones

Together We Succeed

Oceans Unmanned

Conserve. Educate. Protect