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Andy Kirk

Consultant and Educator, Visualising Data

Miriam Quick

Data journalist and researcher

Stefanie Posavec

Information designer / author / speaker / lecturer

Steve Hulmes

Owner, Sophic

Nadieh Bremer

Freelance Data Visualization Designer, Visual Cinnamon

Jon Schwabish

Founder, PolicyViz

David Pires

Head of Data Visualisation, Expedia Group

Jordan Morrow

Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik

Alan Wilson

Principal Designer, Adobe

Mina Ozgen

Partner, Aimpoint Digital

lyndsey pereira-brereton

Former Head of Data Visualisation, Bank of England

Michiel Dullaert

Data Visualisation Trainer

Paul Laughlin

Managing Director, Laughlin Consultancy

Alice Speranza

Data Analyst, The Economist

Ian Johnson

Data Visualization Developer, ObservableHQ

Lorraine Sawicki

Senior Software Engineer & Data Visualization Designer, Calyxia Design

Ignasi Alcalde

Data Visualisation Manager, Ipsos Spain

Mollie Pettit

Director, Data Visualization Society

Julia Krolik (she/her)

Director, Data Visualization Society

Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Principal Hightouch Success Manager, Salesforce

Chris Harris

Customer Success Manager

Matteo Moretti

Co-Founder, - Vice-director @ Unirsm master in interaction design

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Curators of DataVizLive and People Analytics World

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