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Jasmin Kern


Timothy Olsen

Head of Cultured Meat at Merck KGaA

Isha Datar

Executive Director of New Harvest

Christina Agapakis

Creative Director at Ginkgo Bioworks

Nicky Quinn

Global Marketing Director at Aleph Farms

Danielle Nierenberg

President of Food Tank

Jess Krieger

Co-Founder and CEO of Ohayo Valley

Max Rye

Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of Turtle Tree

Angela Braren

Head of New Ventures at Perfect Day

Avery Hairston

MBA Candidate at Berkeley-Haas

Shannon Nangle

Co-Founder and CEO of Circe

Eugene Wang

Head of Sophie's Bionutrients

David Block

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Eric Schulze

Head of Product and Regulation at Upside Foods

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Nucleate Cultivate

Nucleate Cultivate is an affiliate of Nucleate, a free and collaborative national student-run non-profit organization that facilitates the formation of life sciences companies, critical thinking in the life sciences, and education and research opportunities focused on life science and engineering applications. Cultivate Tomorrow partnered with Nucleate in 2022 to form the Nucleate Cultivate team and expand the programming dedicated to fostering student engagement with cellular agriculture. The Cultivate Tomorrow hackathon is Nucleate Cultivate's flagship program and will continue to provide an innovative competition format where students can explore creative solutions to the most pressing problems in cellular agriculture.

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Over the Moon

Advertising Strategy Platform: Angelica Guercio, Minami Ogawa, Xingyu Chen, Natalie Hamada

This SLAPS: Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing of Scaffolding for Cellular Agriculture made from Functionalized Chitin

Underutilized Resource: Shreya Ramesh, Lillian Wang, Kavi Solanki, Ana Paula Kitos Vasconcelos

Cultured Decadence: The Only Thing Missing is the Shell

Advertising Strategy Platform: Jonathan Shieh, Annie Gocke, Patryk Lipski, Chris Chacko

The Future of Farming

Scientific Communication: Aryan Gandhi, Sonam Jain, AJ Taylor, Aidan Brougham-Cook

Mycelium Production using Agro-industrial Waste for the Cellular Agriculture Industry

Underutilized Resource: Elizabeth Contreras and Diana Garibay

Low-Cost Microfluidic Device to Isolate Pure Populations of Cells

Underutilized Resource: Hope Leng, Lavanya Jain, Valen Li

New Breast Friends

Advertising Strategy Platform: Zenia Adiwijaya, Steven Gunarso, Max Siegel, Juan Lucas Umali, Haruka Sakurai

Team Unbrielievable

Advertising Strategy Platform: Shieana Xie, Colleen Woodruff, Anastasia Stampoulopoulou, Masahiro Yoshida


Scientific Communication: Natalie Rizzo, Bryan Wong, Iris Hsu

Leafy Beefy - Supplementation of cultivated meat media with duckweed hydrolysate to reduce costs and improve nutritional value of final product

Underutilized Resource: Justin Wong, Stephan Alfaro, Patrick Negulescu, Liber Mckee, Abd El Hamid Sherief

Schmear-ers: Cultivated Cream Cheese

Advertising Strategy Platform: Wei-Ann Chang, Daniel Frea, Gloria Kim, Emily Laurilliard

CellAg Safety Squad

Scientific Communication: Maria Crina Curca, Mona Zahir, Angelique Thomas, Eileen Mcnamara

Mission Bacon Advertising Campaign

Advertising Strategy Platform: Tyler Guarino, Ashley Wang, Leila Cohen, Victoria DiStefano

California Cultured Chocolate

Advertising Strategy Platform: Emily Steliotes, Julianna Madigan, Bea Sutton

Chickpea hydrolysate as a supplement to growth factors in cell-culture media

Underutilized Resource: Aditya Pelluri, Jiaming Shen, Renee Nerenberg, Vivek Venkatraghvan

Utilization of Industrial Aspergillus niger Mycelial Waste for Cultured Meat Scaffolding Antimicrobial Biomaterial

Underutilized Resource: Matthew Sujanto, Christopher Prajogo, Audric Reinhart, Ezaboo Beniwal

BIOMILQ: Fed is Best

Advertising Strategy Platform: Claire Yao, Bin Yin, Akshat Jariwala, Martin Fuenzalida

Targeted Advertising Using Tree Models

Advertising Strategy Platform: Colleen Alexander, Shaked Regev, Larry Reser

Recommendations for Fungal Production of Bovine Albumin, a Component for Fetal Bovine Serum Substitutes

Underutilized Resource: Katie Krauska, Ning Yip, Emerson Nolasco, Rachel Shen

EVERY EggWhite - A Hen’s Best Friend

Advertising Strategy Platform: Megan Howard, Kunio Iwata, Sandhya Mahadevan

Overview of Lignin-Based Scaffolds for Skeletal Muscle Tissue Growth

Underutilized Resource: Gabriel Mower and Lauren Ho

goodA.F.: A Foodigo Brand

Advertising Strategy Platform: Bella T. Fong, Claudia Anca Barcu, Andhika Tirtawisata, Jenny Szu, Terence Tse