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Maiko Schaffrath

Founder & CEO, Impact Hustlers

Avra van der Zee

COO @ Elemental Excelerator

Katja Wiesbrock Donovan

Executive Director @ 1014

Anshuman Bapna

Founder @

Margarita Skarkou


Esme Verity

Founder @ Considered Capital

Chante Harris

Managing Director @ Something New - Stealth

Duncan Turner

General Partner @ SOSV

Akshat Rathi

Senior Reporter for Climate @ Bloomberg News

Nadav Steinmetz [JUDGE]

Founder & CEO @ Nomea / Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Climate First

Alex Prather [JUDGE]

Associate @ Lowercarbon Capital

Clover Hogan


Jamie Cox

Co-Founder & CEO @ TreeCard

Henry Hamilton

Investment Manager

Shilpi Kumar [JUDGE]


Nivi Achanta


Thiago Figueiredo [PITCHER]

Chief Business Officer @ 1s1 Energy

Pooja Paul, PhD [PITCHER]

Founder @ Habitable Earth, Inc.

Nick Valenzia [PITCHER]

Founder @ Leafr

Landon Stroebel [PITCHER]

President @ Starsight

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