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Connecticut Public Health Association Annual Virtual Conference - Unity: Public Health In Divided Times

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Jonathan Noel

Conference Chair

peggy zamore

Danbury Farmers Market

Deidre Gifford

Connecticut DPH Commissioner

Deborah List

Fairfield University

Marta Moret

Urban Policy Strategies LLC

Selina Osei

Thinktank Unit, Medicaid ACO MGH

Molly Cole


Karen DuBois-Walton

Elm City Communities

Martha Sanders

Quinnipiac University

Shir Ginzburg

UConn Health

Sara Namazi

UConn Health Springfield College

Jennifer Sussman

UConn Health

Denise Colaianni

Danbury Farmers Market

Michele Scott

Health Education Center

Bijaya Dhital

University of New Haven

Megan Leubner

Quinnipiac University

Darla Gundler

Disabilities Expert

Linda Barry

UConn School of Medicine

Danielle Cooper

Tow Youth Justice Institute at the University of New Haven

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New England Public Health Training Center

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Connecticut Public Health Association

Hiscock Award Presentation 2020

Connecticut Public Health Association

Perlin Award Presentation 2020

Kayla Theriault

Identifying Factors Associated with Repeated Use of Mobile Crisis Intervention Services

Holly A. LaBrecque

Exposure to Disability-Related Content and Attitudes Toward Persons with Disabilities within the UConn MPH Program: An Exploratory Study

Ashley Moore

Understanding public risk perception of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the United States

Alecia McLean

Pathways to Public Health-Online Modules for New Haven area teens

Cara Cama

Is Cancer Prevention Compromised in Natural Disasters: A Comparison of Incidence, Staging, and Mortality Rates After Hurricane Katrina

Bryan Cadavos

Unhealthy weight control behaviors among a sample of U.S. journalists: a cross-sectional study

Brittany Bard

Examining the USDA's response to Food Insecurity during the COVID-19 Crisis

Elizabeth Matuska

Completing College in a Crisis: A CBPR Investigation of University Student Basic Needs in a Time of Pandemic

Tyler Shelby

Rapid Establishment of a Volunteer Contact Tracing Program for COVID-19: Outcomes and Lessons Learned

Tristan Furnary

Exploring the Potential Role of Acetaminophen and Pesticides in the Developmental Origins of Autism Spectrum Disorder via an In Silico Model

Sumaira Duranni

COVID-19 and Testing Awareness

Sophie Casey

Veterinary Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccine Risk Communication in Connecticut

Reaghan Bathrick

Examining the Effect of Contraceptive Education on Self-Efficacy and Stress

Olohirere Ezomo

Public health impact of complementary and integrative medicine among pediatric clinicians

Nicole McAmis

Assessing healthcare provider knowledge of human trafficking

Kritika Shankar

Dietary Inflammatory Index, Food Insecurity, Race, and Adolescent Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

New England Public Health Training Center

HRSA Region 1 Public Health Training Center

Nicole Morris

Exercise for Life (EX4L): An Online Resource for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries

Brittany Trnka

Exposure to Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and Infertility in Women, NHANES 2013 2016

Samantha Lew

Declaring Racism Is A Public Health Crisis/Emergency at all Levels of Government in Connecticut

Bethanne Vergean

Developing a Collaborative Training to Increase Developmental Monitoring &Improve Child Outcomes