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2021 Otis Product Design Senior Show

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Otis Product Design


Justin Akioka

Where Craft Meets Function

Colin Aziz

Adaptable technology for everyone

Kyra Banko

Adrenaline Crush

Bodhi Barnett


Genna Battagin

The Mushroom Quest

Kyejin Byun

Emotion and furniture in design.

Jenna Choi

My work sums up my life.

Jinsil Chung

Fun and colorful designs

Hannah Damp

The Divine Feminine

Annabel De Ruiter

Lighting, packaging, furniture, sustainability

Sophie Duan

Furniture Design

Karim Fazulzianov

Made up things

Yukun Feng


Zoe Fu

There is a voice that doesn't use words.

Amber Grable

Put humor in it.

Ashley He

Consumer Products, Accessories, Packaging

Greg Hutnik

Tinkerer And Out of Box Thinker-er

Mirna Kamel

Inclusive Designer

Esther Kim

Elevating Experiences Through Design.

Jaeho Lee

Positive interaction

Grace Lee

Curiosity led me to design.

Chris Lim

My mom let me do this

Daniela Madaria

Let's Create Change

Gabby O'Connor

Combining traditional craft with modern design

Edward Pan

Finding Balance in Life

Erick Rios

Let's tell a story

Miki Shen

You gonna living with something.

CJ Sierra


Aiki Smith

Welcome to my humble abode

Yue Tang

Art and Design

Sam Vaughan

Designer – for a world in flux

Zach Verney

Soft Goods and Consumer Electronics.

Sabrina Wang

Welcome to My Design World.

Zhongjin Wang

Life designer

Jocelyn Wang

Design is fun

Qizhong Wang

Using design to make life more convenient

Nash Ward

Consumer electronics, Prototyping

Craig Wei


Xiaofeng Wen

Design has no limits

Gia Xu

Inward Journey

Jamie Yoo

Head in the Clouds

Mico Yu

Design is a reflection of us.

Yi Yuan

Design is part of my life.