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Suzy Menneret

Wholesale Programme Director, MEF

Julian Watson

Principal Analyst, Wholesale Telecoms - Omdia

James Williams

Vice President Business Development - XConnect

Eli Katz

Founder and CEO - Xconnect

Jason Lunn

Global Connectivity, CPaaS - Cisco

Guillaume Klein

VP Product Management - iBasis

Dario Betti


Emmanuel Rochas

CEO Orange Wholesale International - Orange

Catalin Badea

VP Product Management - Netnumber

Glyn Glyn Povah

Global Product Development - Telefonica

Olly Brough

SVP Sales and Marketing - Trusona

Taha Jiwahi

Founder and CEO - Beem

Ron Bonnici

VP Pre Sales & Product Manager at HAUD

Joanna Kuligowska

Head of Global Market Intelligence & Managed Services at HAUD

Sam Barker

VP of Telecoms Market Research - Juniper Research

Asad Khan

Head of Global Presales - Telarix

Igor Skutsenya

Senior Business Development Manager - Lanck Telecom

Dana Mansour

Messaging Wholesale Team Leader - Monty Mobile

Gavin Patterson

Director Data - MEF

Steffen Sorrell

Chief of Research - Kaleido Intelligence

Gilbert Relou

Head of Consultancy and Strategic Development - Kaleido Intelligence

Alberto Carro-Melero

Head of Market Intelligence & B2B - Telefonica Global Roaming

Mihaela Ambrozie

Head of Operations - Vodafone Voice & Roaming Services - Vodafone

Kathiravan Kandasamy

VP of Product Management - Syniverse

Brendan Cleary

CEO - Cellusys

Prakash Kumta Mohandas

Director Voice and Roaming - Ooredoo

Nassia Skoulikariti

IoT Program Director - MEF

Andrew Parkin-White

Co-founder - TecFutures

Joseph Ajay

CTO and Head of IOT - iBasis

Luc Vidal-Madjar

Head of IoT and MVNE Solutions - BICS

Jimmy Jones

Head of Security - Zariot

Doug Makishima

MEF Advisor

Cedric Gonin

VP Global Business Support - Orange Wholesale International

Ivan Ostojic

Chief Business Officer - Infobip

Lee Suker

Head of Authentication and Number Information - Sinch

Eddie DeCurtis

CEO and Co-Founder - Shush

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Mobile Ecosystem Forum

MEF is a global trade body that acts as an impartial and authoritative champion for addressing issues affecting the broadening mobile ecosystem.

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