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GT Global Agenda Summit - Part II & III

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Global Transcendence

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Global Transcendence

Changing Lives One Family at A Time!

#WeHaveThePowerGT Social Media Competition Contestants

Watch Their Submissions and VOTE for the Winner!

Universal Healthcare Management Services

We provide behavioral health care services to consumers living in communities that have been impacted by violence and other disparities.

GT Contractors

Building A Better Future

Industrial Bank

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Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman

Author of "The Color of Love" and Host of YouTube Series, "Sweeter The Juice"

Jabari Inspires

Lessons from Morocco: A Global Citizen Affair

Swaliga Foundation

Swaliga Cultural Exchange Program


National Association of Black Veterans

Dash Coordinating & Marketing LLC

We're A Full Service Marketing Agency!


The World's First Self-Growing Planter

Brothas Huddle

Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility

Dr. Bernd Reiter

Legal Duty & Upper Limits: How to Save Our Democracy and Planet From The Rich - COMING SOON

Laurinburg Institute

Laurinburg Institute’s major focus is in Distance Learning, IT, and Telecommunication Training

Systemic Racism Explained

What is systemic racism?

Brazil's Oppression of Blacks in 2020

Brazil’s Poor, Mainly Black Communities Oppressed During COVID-19

Jeffrey Robinson, ACLU’s Top Racial Justice Expert

The Truth About The Confederacy