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Kathryn Grayson Nanz

Build Your Own Component Library!

Bo (they/them) Morin

Craft Your Own Code Assessment and Get the Most Out of Your Technical Interviews

Afreen Aliya

Differential Privacy – What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Sonal Patil

Shifting Stress to Progress— Understanding DevOps to do DevOps Better

Julia Potapenko

Encryption Export Regulations: Why should mobile developers care?

Kinnera Priya Putti

The Curious Case of Android Gesture Animation

Susan Sivek

Standout Technical Blog Posts: How to Write and Share Them to Showcase Your Skills

Sumana Saha

Pair Programming and Code Review

Kaylee McHugh

Ready, Set, Prod! Use Firebase to Create a Prod React App for < $1

Gracie Ermi

How Technologists Can Make a Difference in Wildlife Conservation

Cornelia Davis

GitOps Is Likely More Than You Think It Is

Ana Cidre

Secure That App!

Masa Abushamleh

Analyzing Water Quality with GEOJson and Node-RED

Isabel Costa

Make the Most Out of Your GitHub Profile

Dominika Malinowska

Functional Programming Fun(damentals)

Omotola Shogunle

How To Build a Serverless Backend With Firebase

Heather Wilson

Reducing False Positives and Adding User Friendly Explanations for Screening in Financial Services

Binitha MT

Istio Service Mesh: A Primer

Susi Burke

The Future of Team Building: Connecting through Purpose and Fun

Tiffany Dawson

The Murky Middle: How to Overcome Mid-Career Barriers that Stop Women from Progressing

Kelly Anlas

Problem Solving like a Pro: Applying the Scientific Method to P1 Investigations

Jo Stansfield (She/her)

Investigating the Agile Inclusion Paradox: Lessons for Diversity in Tech

Elizabeth K. Joseph

You’re Running That on WHAT? Developing Software for Non-x86 Platforms

Russell Fustino

Blockchain for Java Developers

Jyoti Mishra

Design for AI: Why Do You Need Creativity To Design Artificial Intelligence Product

Katie Pantell (she/her)

How Data Constraints Helped Us Build a Better Analytics Product

Sabrina Macpherson

Lizards, Elephants, and Bees: How Leaders Can Learn From Psychology and Neuroscience To Build Collaborative Teams

Archana Sevak

Designing Authentication and Authorization Using Microsoft Azure B2C

Ei-Nyung Choi

Manager or IC? Choose Your Own Adventure

Alaina Percival

CEO of Women Who Code

Ramya Victor

Build Resilient Environment Through Cloud Disaster Recovery

Arit Amana

The OpenSource Plunge: Practical Strategies To Start Contributing

Viviana Siless, PhD

Blockchain Alternative Currencies for Informal Economies in LatAm

Sierra OBryan - Moderator

Android for Everyone: Getting Started with Jetpack Compose

Merary Alvarado

Accessibility: Digital Transformation or Social Digital Transformation?

Booma Sowkarthiga Balasubramani

The Whats, Whys and Hows of Heterogeneous Geospatial Data Integration

Aishwarya Patra

An Introductory to Mule: How It Makes API Development Easy

Helen Tabunshchyk

Site Reliability Engineer: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SLOs

Alexx Mitchell

Android for Everyone: Getting Started with Jetpack Compose

Apoorva Gupta

Autonomous Wayfinding: How Robots Navigate Sensor Data to Map the World

Aurora Ruiz Rodríguez

Designing Video Games for Motor Rehabilitation

Christine Liu

How to Know If a Job is Right for You (Not the Other Way Around)

Sanaya Mirpuri

The Web3 World: An Equitable Internet for All

Zarreen Reza

Privacy-Preserving AI – Perform Data Science on Data You Cannot See

Elizabeth Dlha

Collaborate Using Data Science Notebooks

Ranjani Swaminathan

Build Resilient Environment Through Cloud Disaster Recovery

shwetha lakshman rao

Build Resilient Environment Through Cloud Disaster Recovery

Victoria Ubaldo

Introduction to NLP: How to Improve Accessibility With ML

Pradheepa P

Building Modern APIs with GraphQL

Kesha Williams

Understanding and Obtaining Your Technical Worth

Sonali Sambhus - Square Inc

Why You Need a Strong Personal Brand and How You Build One

Sonali Kalgaonkar

Be a Star at Your New Job: Follow 30/60/90 Plan

Sydney Lai - OutSystems

How Dev Tools Influence Our Engineering Careers

Huiming Qu

Reimagining Leadership in Machine Learning

Brea Starmer

Reimagining: What If Work Actually Worked for All of Us?

Lindsay Podrid

Prototyping the New WWCode Dashboard: A Peek at the Process From Idea to Execution

Joey Rosenberg

Chief Leadership Officer of Women Who Code

Kimberly Bennett

Chief Legal Officer of Women Who Code

Natasha Hendrick

Digital Transformation is a Human Transformation

Maddie (Madeleine) Shang

Reimagining Leadership in Machine Learning

Kaslin Fields

Intro to Kubernetes & GKE

Diane Yu

Reimagining: What If Work Actually Worked for All of Us?

Shanna Gregory

Finding Community At Work

Samaria Rooks


Naomi Freeman

Bias in AI: How Diverse Voices Are Making a Difference

Priya Raghavan

Collaborative Relationships From a Developer to Product Manager

Christina Rombaldi

Collaborative Relationships From a Developer to Product Manager

Jennifer Manry

Finding Community At Work

Tara Hernandez

Finding Community At Work

Nayeon Shin

Intro to Data Structures in Python: Heaps

Prachi Jain

Automation Enablers

Christy Caragol

Developing Women Leaders

Deepanwita Roy

Simplify Data Analysis with No-Code Data Pipelines

Richard Bakare

Bias in AI: How Diverse Voices Are Making a Difference

Sapphire Duffy - Women Who Code Team


Vaidheeswaran Archana

Intro to Data Structures in Python: Heaps

Tina Vogel

Reimagine Your Hosting and Cloud Platform

Janet Sun

Lightning Talks at Doordash

Lorelei Voorsanger

How ERGs Can Catapult Your Career: Fireside Chat with Women@VMware

Regina Wallace-Jones

Finding Community At Work

Candice Morgan

Bias in AI: How Diverse Voices Are Making a Difference

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