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Jenessa Man

Senior Developer at Arup

Tom Van Mele

Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich

Maksim Markevich

Chief Technology Officer at Kreo Software Ltd

David de Koning

Product Manager at Arup

Fernando Ruiz Barberán

Senior Facade Designer at Arup

Lydia Stensberg

Mechanical Engineer at Arup

David Morgan

VR Specialist at Sasaki

Julian Lienhard

Professor at Uni Kassel

Aaron Fritsch

VP, Growth at Archilogic

Frederic Schwarz

VP, Engineering at Archilogic

Pieter Schreurs

Computational Design Specialist at Royal HaskoningDHV

Violet Whitney

Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University

Anthony Hauck

COO at Hypar

Ian Keough

CEO at Hypar

Andrew Heumann

Software Wizard at Hypar

Ralph Gootee

Visiting Partner at Y Combinator

Mark Thorley

Co-Founder at matterlab and

Jan Filipec

Architect at M & S Architekten GmbH

Dion Moult

Author of Blender BIM

Yousheng Wang

Author of BIMMars and IFC Toolbox

Wassim Jabi

Author of Topologic and Course Director

Bruno Postle

Author of Homemaker

Rafael Andres Moya Castro

Collaborator of FreeCAD

David Andrés León

Head of Computation at IAAC

Seyed Mobin Moussavi

Associate Researcher at Uni Kassel

Manuel Gerhardt

Software Developer at ekkodale

Steve George

Chief Operations Officer at Weaveworks

Thomas Hachler

Computer Scientist at EPFL

Merijn de Leur

Computational Design Specialist at Royal HaskoningDHV

Anycie Barakat

Head of Generative Design at Archistar

Claire Kuang

Software Engineer at Speckle

Jedd Morgan

Software Engineer at Speckle

Cristian Balas

Software Engineer at Speckle

Kateryna Konieva

Software Engineer at Speckle

Andrew Zukoski

CEO at Join.Build

Gui Talarico

Software Engineer & Ultimate Hacker @

Jonatan Schumacher

Director at Outer Labs

Elisa Yi Feng

VP of Product at Archilogic

Giovanni Betti

Assistant professor at UC Berkeley

Gonzalo Casas

Software Engineer at ETH Zürich

Nicolas Chaulet

Head Of Engineering at The Canoa Supply Co. PBC

Antonio Gonzalez Viegas

Architect & BIM Developer at IFC.js

Jeroen de Bruijn

Computational Design Specialist at Royal HaskoningDHV

Matthias Standfest

CEO at Archilyse AG

Daniel Davis

Researcher at Hassell

Ahmed Wael Ismail

Assistant at EPFL

Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari

Co-Founder at Ladybug Tools

Ferdi Meijer

Software Developer at at Royal HaskoningDHV

Tim Hoffeller

CEO at ekkodale

Baris Basa

Software Developer at ekkodale

Manuel Lautz

Business area manager at Dendrit

Dimitrie Stefanescu

Co-founder at Speckle

Matteo Cominetti

Co-founder at Speckle

Reynold Chan

Software Engineer at Speckle

izzy lyseggen

Software Engineer at Speckle

Alan Rynne

Software Engineer at Speckle

Gergő Jedlicska

Software Engineer at Speckle

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