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Climatetech Summit 2021

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Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs is a community of climatetech and cleantech pioneers working to design a more sustainable world.

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GenH is a next-generation clean energy technology development company that is developing first-in-class, rapidly deployable, and modular hydropower and hydrokinetic systems for decarbonization of key strategic heavy industries.

Micronic Technologies, Inc.

Micronic Technologies is a woman co-founded and led small business commercializing a patented wastewater cleaning and concentration technology.

Promethean Power

Preserving perishables in some of the world's most challenging conditions

Enviro Power

Enviro Power - empowering heating infrastructures.


Bio-Climatic Air Conditioning to make Building safe and efficient.


A&I technology converts electromagnetic energy into electrical potential energy by efficiently using frequency.

CLS Wind

CLS Wind's patented, innovative systems will help you install, operate, maintain, recommission and decommission your wind turbines

Energy Dome

Utility Scale Long Duration Energy Storage that uses CO2 to solve Climate Change


Power anywhere: long-range wireless power transfer technology


Reduce transmission congestion with software by rerouting power flows

Packetized Energy

Grid edge flexibility, simplified.

Pecos Wind Power

Community-scale wind turbines for rural businesses, farms, schools, and municipalities

Pressure Corp

Specialized development company that transforms industrial waste pressure into clean energy with zero capital required from host facilities.

Renewell Energy

To build the lowest-cost, greenest energy storage device by repurposing idle oil and gas wells.

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies has developed a clean power generation solution that solves pain points for upstream and midstream O&G through smart, waste energy recovery.

SWTCH Energy Inc

Electric vehicle charging and energy management for high-density buildings


Converting waste heat into electricity to reduce energy consumption, emissions, and operating costs

CERT Systems Inc.

CERT transforms carbon dioxide into renewable chemicals


Soliyarn is a ChemTech startup transforming the way smart clothing feels and performs while reducing the environmental impact of the textile industry.

Footprint App, Inc.

Footprint is a software solution tool and engagement program for climate education and action.

Salient Predictions

Salient Predictions help enterprises make informed decisions based on the world’s most accurate seasonal to sub-seasonal (2 to 52 week) weather forecasts.

SeebeckCell technologies,Inc

Harnessing Industrial Waste Heat

Euphree, Inc.

Comfortable urban ebikes

Mars Materials

Mars utilizes captured CO2 to produce a cheaper and more sustainable raw material for the production of acrylamide ($4b market) and carbon fiber ($6b market).

Ambient Fuels

Green hydrogen solutions for the toughest decarbonization challenges

American Battery Technology Company

ABTC provides critical battery metals through lithium-ion battery recycling, battery metal extraction technologies, and primary mineral resource development.


Powering the future of sustainable retail!

Energy Toolbase

Energy Toolbase is an industry-leading software platform that provides a cohesive suite of project estimating, storage control, and asset monitoring products that enable solar and storage developers to deploy projects more efficiently.

Kuva Systems

Turnkey solution for detecting methane emissions with images

CalWave Power Technologies Inc.

CalWave has developed and patented to most efficient and scalable wave energy technology to unlock the largest baseload clean energy source.

Terrapin Geothermics

Terrapin Geothermics (Terrapin) is an end-to-end project development firm focused on generating emission-free, baseload energy from industrial waste heat sources and conventional geothermal resources.

Eugenie AI, Inc.

Explainable AI for reliability and sustainability in manufacturing

Moonflower Technologies

PowerWell -Turning abandoned oil and gas wells into gravity batteries