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Jean Ciborowsky Fahey PhD

2022 CLEL Bell Winner in READ

Lauren Kerstein

Children's Author, MSW

Desiree Sotomayor

Jennifer French

Juli Brant

Polly Gallagher

Elizabeth Perille

Caitlyn Stafford

Jessica Fredrickson

Melanie Borski-Howard

Kristin Williamson

Lauren Graham

Lu Benke

Josie Snow

Maria Cahill

Pedro Mendez

Laura Lay

Lily Williams

Anni Reinking

Natalie Magnatta

Summer Sanford

Mary Lanni

Julia Thomas-Glennon

Lindsay Delaney

Melody Garcia

Kate Brunner

Andrea Cleland

Alberto Pellicer

KD Hubbard

Lisa Dengerink

Dow Phumiruk

Children's Author

KD Hubbard


Joanna Ho

Children's Author

Christine Emeran

Youth Free Expression Program Director National Coalition Against Censorship

Lily Williams

Children's Author

Emily Pedersen


Lauren Seegmiller


Lauren Cockerill

CLEL Steering

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