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Lauren Sager Weinstein

Chief Data Officer, Transport for London

Judith Batchelar OBE

Director, Food Matters International Ltd

Professor Mark Birkin

Professor of Spatial Analysis and Policy, University of Leeds

Dr Caitlin Robinson

Lecturer in Urban Analytics, University of Liverpool

Professor Susan Grant-Muller

Chair in Technologies & Informatics

Dr Nik Lomax

Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Francesca Pontin

Research Data Scientist, CDRC

Michelle Morris

Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Will James

Research Fellow in Data Analytics, University of Leeds

Ann Onuselogu

Data Science Intern, University of Leeds

Vicki Jenneson

PhD Student – Data Analytics and Society, University of Leeds

Jens Kandt

Associate Professor in Urban Geography and Data Science, UCL

Constantinos Leonidou

Adjunct Professor of Marketing, University of Leeds

Alexandra Dalton

Data Scientist, University of Leeds

Ed Manley

Professor of Urban Analytics, University of Leeds

Mark Green

Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool

Jose Pina Sanchez

Associate Professor in Quantitative Criminology, University of Leeds

David Buil Gil

Lecturer in Quantitative Criminology, University of Manchester

Simon Leech

Data Analyst/Developer, Geolytix

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