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California Cognitive Science Conference 2021: Overcoming Adversity

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Kathryn Davidson

Focus Talk Speaker 3

Selma Šabanović

Focus Talk Speaker 1

Amy Arnsten

Keynote Speaker

Matthias Mehl

Focus Talk Speaker 4

William Irvine

Focus Talk Speaker 2

Tiffany Ho

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Cognitive Science Student Association

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Tai Metzger

Childhood Obesity Interventions by Setting

Zubair Ahmed

The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on Rat Spatial Learning and Memory in the Barnes Maze

Claire Yang and Joseph Blanchard

Humans and Artificial Agents: Signaling and Inferring Social Preferences in a Dynamic Multi-Agent Environment

Amanda R Yao

Decision-Making Across the Lifespan

Soobin Hong

Local steady-state connectivity estimation from baseline firing rates

Carolyn Irving

Exploring neural correlates of resilience among children in poverty

Ellen Wang

Video Games to Live and Learn Better Through COVID-19

Elliott Sina

Co-administration of psilocybin and SSRIs: a qualitative analysis of online psychedelic experience reports

Stephanie Rivas-Lara and Elise Tsai

Child Responsivity to Parent Questions During Naturalistic Shared Book Reading

Kristy Martin

Shifting to a non-monetary centric environment: A surprising recommendation for cognitive styles at risk for Parkinson's Disease

Jason Miller

Opposing Effects of Mu-Opioid Receptors in Dopamine Receptor Expressing Neurons

Sarvenaz Pakzad

Revisiting sensitivity of implicit visuomotor adaptation to errors of varying magnitude

Shannon Lee

Task Structure and Biological Models Inform Changes in Social Learning

Parham Pourdavood, Michael Jacob

Causal Nonlinear Interactions of Neurometabolic Coupling using Convergent Cross Mapping