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Shamika Simpson

Vice President, CARL

Sandy Enriquez

Special Collections Public Services, Outreach & Community Engagement Librarian, UC Riverside

Tara Yosso

Professor, School of Education, UC Riverside

Kelly Janousek

Librarian, University Library, CSU Long Beach

Edeama Onwuchekwa

Equity and Engagement Librarian, San Diego Mesa College

Sheena Campbell (she/her)

Student Services Librarian, UC Davis

Tessa Withorn

Online Learning Librarian, CSU Dominguez Hills

Nick Szydlowski

Scholarly Communications & Digital Scholarship Librarian, San José State University

Rita Premo

Scholarly Communications Librarian, Sonoma State University

Daisy Muralles

Equity & Open Access Librarian, CSU East Bay

Ethan Annis

Senior Librarian, Head of Access & Technical Services, Dominican University of California

Alexis Pavenick

Senior Assistant Librarian, University Library, CSU Long Beach

Michaela Keating

Open Educational Resources Librarian, CSU Fullerton

Mantra Roy

Collection Strategy Librarian, San José State University

Kate Steffens

Special Collections Librarian, San Jose State University

Mariah Ramsour

Communications and Events Coordinator, San Jose State University

Avi Bauer

Digital Initiatives & Scholarly Communication Specialist, Boston College Law Library

Laurel Davis

Legal Information Librarian & Lecturer in Law and Curator of Rare Books, Boston College Law Library

Carli Lowe

University Archivist, San Jose State University

Nicollette Brant

Senior Assistant Librarian, University Library, CSU Long Beach

Michelle DeMars

Senior Assistant Librarian, University Library, CSU Long Beach

Cotton Coslett

Online Learning Librarian, CSU Fullerton

Daina Dickman

Assistant Director, Network of the National Library of Medicine Region 5, University of Washington

Elyse Fox

Library Services Specialist, Digital Projects, CSU Sacramento

Jenn Dandle

Web Manager, UC San Diego

Amanda Roth

Instruction Librarian & Reference Services Coordinator, UC San Diego

Rachel Almodovar

Training & Organizational Development Coordinator, UC San Diego

Veronica Churchill

Collections and Digital Initiatives Librarian, Holy Names University

Sarah McClung

Head of Collection Development, UC San Francisco

Renee Rau

Information Services Librarian, University of Southern California, Norris Medical Library

Ashley Wilson

Social Science Librarian, San Diego State University

Megan Graewingholt

Social Sciences & Government Documents Librarian, Pollack Library, CSU Fullerton

Paul Hottinger

Research & Instruction Librarian, Cal Poly Pomona

Mary Wegmann

Collection Development Librarian, Sonoma State University

Catherine Fonseca

Outreach & Inclusion Librarian, Sonoma State University

Kaitlin Springmier

Instruction and Learning Assessment Librarian, Sonoma State University

Kate Pham

Student Engagement & Success Librarian, CSU East Bay

Trix Welch

Student Ambassador, CSU East Bay

Angela Boyd

Instruction/OER Librarian San Diego Miramar College

Nancy Wallace

Student Services Librarian and Diversity Fellow, UC Davis

Yvonne Wilber

Head of Undergraduate Instruction & Outreach, California Lutheran University

Kat Koziar

Data Librarian, UC Riverside

Melissa Cardenas-Dow

Social Sciences Librarian, Sacramento State University

Rachel Starry

Digital Scholarship Librarian, UC Riverside

Rhonda Kauffman

University of Connecticut

Robert Faith

Panorama Specialist, EBSCO

Martina Anderson

MIT Libraries

Timothy Chu

First Year Experience Librarian, UC San Diego

peggy cabrera

San Jose State University

Michelle Brasseur

Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian, UC Los Angeles

Melissa Browne

Social Sciences Librarian, UC Davis

Melinda Livas

STEM Librarian, UC Davis

Allison Carr (she/her)

Conference Planner

Lee Adams (she/her)

Conference Planner

Talitha Matlin (she/her)

Conference Planner

Tracy Gilmore

Collections Officer, University Library, CSU Long Beach

Sally Romero

Research & Instruction Librarian, Cal Poly Pomona

Jon Cornforth

Student Success Librarian, CSU Fullerton

Sarah Parramore

Library Instruction Coordinator, CSU Fullerton

Hilary Smith

Research and User Services Librarian, Sonoma State University

Laura Krier

Systems and Metadata Librarian, Sonoma State University

Kenneth Lyons


Yeab Kebede

Student in Digital Media Arts, San José State University

Michelle Compo

Student Assistant, CSU Sacramento

Craig Griffith


Sherri Young


Wendy McCarville


Rayheem Eskridge

DIAL Past Chair

Hesper Wilson

San Francisco State University

Richard Covington

Marketing Manager, Backstage Library Works

Beth Ann Goodwill

Backstage Library Works

leslie jimenez


Mia Lopez


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California Academic & Research Libraries


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