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ELTons Innovation Awards 2020

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The Finalists' expo


Language learning app that combines smart learning with social interaction.

Journey 2 Basic Skills

A groundbreaking new course for pre-beginners.

Learning Sugar

AI English Teacher

Learning powered by Navio

Taking language learning to the next level


AI-powered vocabulary learning - the smartest way to perfect your English.


Gets students speaking with confidence.

Global Stage

Educating the leaders of tomorrow

Kids’ Web

A series that promotes English learning in a meaningful way, combining technological innovation, inclusion and fun.

Literary Horizons (Pearson ELT Canada)

Advanced Reading, Writing and Speaking Skills across Genres and Formats

New Magic Minds!

Publishing House of Edify Education, one of Brazil’s leading company of English Language Teaching and education

The Wheels Series by Carol Read

They think they're playing, we know they're learning

Wide Angle, Oxford University Press

Empower learners to join any conversation and say the right thing at the right time.

The Garden Project

The Pre-primary ELT course that Teaches for Sustainability whilst Nourishing Healthy Eating Habits


A reading initiative promoting the inclusion of children with disabilities.

Reading Genius - Bilingual Stories

Improving the reading comprehension of children through the bilingual approach


Everyday science facts made simple


A preschool series developed to meet the needs of Mexican children and help them develop the necessary skills to solve problems creatively and respond to everyday situations through communication.

BE+Live by UNOi/Grupo Santillana Mexico

BE+Live is an innovative educational project and it is part of Grupo Santillana Mexico.

Dear Doctor

English writing skills for clinical practice and the Occupational English Test.

Pearson and BBC Live Classes

An international learning experience for teenage students and teachers all around the world


Learn English effortlessly by reading for free.

REAL LIVES Series - ELI Publishing

ELI Publishing has been at the forefront of foreign language teaching publications for over 40 years to support students and teachers globally.

National Geographic Learning

National Geographic Learning’s mission is to bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life.

Dyslexia Bytes

An intercultural perspective on dyslexia for teachers and schools.

The ELT Footprint Community

A worldwide group of ELT professionals doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint in any way we can.

GSE Teacher Toolkit

Make planning easy with the Global Scale of English Teacher Toolkit

Hacking Creativity

Techniques, Exercises and Activities for the Creative Language Classroom


Picturebooks in European Primary English Language Teaching

The NO Project

The NO Project is a global educational campaign against human trafficking and modern slavery.

Help Desk

Please contact us in our booth chat if you require any technical support.

Cambridge Assessment English

We provide the world’s leading range of qualifications for learners and teachers of English.


I was Told There's Freedom Here

Patrick Ziza




Sophia Thakur

Intimate despite the internet