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Beyond Academia Conference 2021

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Jonathan Liu

Co-director of Beyond Academia

Elyse Kedzie

Co-director of Beyond Academia

Angélica M. González Sánchez

Co-director of Beyond Academia

Lura Dolas

Workshop Leader: Presentation Skills

Darrell Penta

UX Researcher

Clancy Slack

Data Scientist at Figma Working on Improving visual collaboration

San Gunawardana

Co-founder and CEO, Enview

Megan Cohn

Biology Content Creator at Khan Academy, PhD in Plant and Microbial Biology

Samuel Kaminsky

People Analyst, Google

Rita Kirchhofer

Managing Engineer

Jonathan Solomon

Research Scientist

Lydia The

McKinsey Partner

Sean Burns

Director, Center for Undergraduate Discovery

Vetri Velan

PhD Candidate

Sara Gushgari-Doyle

Co-founder & Executive Director, STEMsi

Bruno Abreu Calfa

Staff Engineer @ Raytheon Technologies Research Center

Micah Brush

Graduate Student

Sydney Schreppler

Quantum Engineer - Microsoft

Tiffany Vora

Managing Director, Bayana Science

George Matsumoto (he/him/his)

Senior Education and Research Specialist

Elizabeth Bagley

Director of Drawdown Learn

Olga Sylvia

Founder and CEO of Polyglottist Language Academy

Kevi Mace

Senior Environmental Scientist

Eric Lee

AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow

Sara Tafoya

Senior Development Engineer

Aisha Ellahi

Data Scientist

Marc Perez

Senior Researcher, Consultant, Board Member

Kristin Fracchia

Head of MCAT and LSAT Prep at Magoosh

Andrew V. Ly

Treasury Detail, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee

Eric Weber

Head of Experimentation at Yelp

Meghan Turner

PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley, Biophysics

Ping Yan

Principal Data Scientist with Salesforce Security

Marianne Kaletzky

Labor Union Organizer and Executive Officer

Melissa Kwon

Associate Director for Prevention, PATH to Care Center, UC Berkeley

Alda Rivas

Interdisciplinary Research Psychologist

Malvika Miller

Consultant at BCG, MIT Research Affiliate

Karen Kelsky

The Professor Is In Founder

Rebecca A. UC Berkeley

Director of Career Services, UC Berkeley School of Information

Alicia Roy

Postdoctoral Fellow, GradPro

Brittany Anderton

Associate Director of Research Talks, iBiology

David Nelles

Scientist and Entrepreneur

Edwige Simon

Instructional Technology and Online Learning Director

Rachel Valenzuela

Team Leader, Discovery

Matt (Matthew) Schreiner

Experimentation Lead

Mary McHale

Senior Career Strategist

David McCahon

Senior Planning Analyst

Sarah Yang

Graduate Student

Robin Reshwan

CEO | Career Strategist

Karen Rapp

Assistant Director, Strategic Initiatives, San Jose Museum of Art

Pradeep Bandaru

Data Science Lead


Writer and historian

Frank Hidalgo

Beyond Academia Media Leader - PhD Student Chembio, UC Berkeley

SN Sarah Morris

PhD Student

Jess Johnson

Speaker & Logistics Committee Team Member, Beyond Academia, UC Berkeley

Sean Perez

PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley interested in Bioinformatics and Data Science

Esha Mathew

Foreign Affairs Officer, US Department of State

Shannon Hateley

Computational Biologist

Arathi Govind

Senior College Advisor

Jon Swift

Director of the Thacher Observatory

Mamta Mehra

Senior Fellow and Research Program Officer

Brice Yates

Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer in the College of Chemistry

Julie Fornaciari

Graduate student

Rosanne Lurie

Director, Graduate and Postdoc Career Development

Nell Cloutier

Director of Measurement and Learning

Sophia McCabe

Academic Coordinator / Art Historian

Forest Baker

Academic turned marketer/salesperson/ consultant

M. Ragan Hart

Director of Operations and Business Development

Linda Louie

Program Director, UCSF

Claudia von Vacano

Executive Director, UC Berkeley D-Lab

Cheri Ackerman

Cofounder and CEO, Concerto Biosciences

Nishita Deka

Cofounder and CEO, Sonera Magnetics

Fatu Fall

Cofounder and Career Agent, Ralph Inc.

Heather Fleming

High School Teacher of German

Rebecca Egger

Associate Director, Townsend Center for the Humanities, UC Berkeley

Christopher Francis

Principal Budget Consultant, Criminal Justice Reform, CA State Senate

Christopher Francis

Principal Budget Consultant, Criminal Justice Reform, CA State Senate

Jennifer R. Cohen, PhD

Associate Director, Biosciences Diversity Programs | Director of ADVANCE at Stanford University

Rebecca Bodenheimer

Freelance writer and editor

Joseph Brown (he/his)

Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer, Stanford University

Vay Cao

Founder, Free the PhD

Stephan Zheng

Lead Research Scientist, Manager at Salesforce

Victoria Bangieva

Senior Manager, Clinical Product and Service Design, at Mindstrong

Iris Steine

Beyond Academia Speakers Team, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher and Clinical Psychologist

Bill Lindstaedt

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Career Advancement

Yana Zlochistaya

PhD student in Comparative Literature

Alyssa Mathiowetz

GSR UC Berkeley

Jessica Lee

Managing Director at Syneos Health Consulting

zeming wang

Researcher at LBNL

Sabrina Klein


Debra Behrens

PhD Career Counselor

Robert Crabbs

Sr. Data Scientist

khirin carter

Prevention Manager at Path to Care

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Beyond Academia

Beyond Academia is a non-profit organization run by UC Berkeley graduate students and postdocs with the goal of empowering graduate students and postdocs to expand their career options beyond the traditional academic track. It accomplishes this career education through a series of events including an annual conference, workshops, tutorials and panels that connect academics with those who have made a transition to non-academic jobs.


Beyond Academia Information Table

The Beyond Academia team is here to answer any of your questions about the conference schedule, Hopin, networking,, or any other conference related issues.