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Becoming Agents of Change | Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Org. 38th Annual Global Conference & Pitch Competition

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Marcos Hashimoto

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Millikin University

Sat Ramphal

CEO of XiByte

Ryan Groves

Head of Entrepreneurship for Singleton Foundation

Rebecca White

Host of EnFactor Podcast, Author of See Do Repeat

Justin Krug

2020 CEO Chapter Leader of the Year

Amy Rogers

Program and Event Director, United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

David Chitester

Founder of Florida Funders and Seedfunders

Chris Tanner

Semiconductor Physicist, Patent/Trademark Attorney, Patent Examiner, Litigator, and Professor.

Reuben Pressman

Chief Product Officer at Modern Campus (formerly the Founder & CEO of Presence)

Topher Morrison

Founder of a Personofi

Daniel Lewis

Multi Award Winning Founder, Author & Speaker

Jen McDonald

Founder & Risk Management Professional

Todd Workman

Financial Services Associate, AAA

Landon Phillips

Head of Innovation, Entrepreneurship at Singleton Foundation

Bert Seither

Director, Business Growth Lab & Entrepreneurship Academy

Kyle Eddins

CEO at E2Generations

Dean Mesick

Membership/Events Coordinator - CEO Global HQ

Joy Randels

CEO & Founder | Prowess Group & New Market Partners

Giles Hertz

President - CEO Global HQ

Vinny Tafuro

Executive Director, Institute for Economic Evolution

Nick Mullin

Founder at Strategic Influence Agency

Jacob Woolf

President - CEO Knights, University of Central Florida

Meghan Schulze

President - Bryant University CEO

Mathew Herman

President - University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, CEO

Payton Cranford

President - Texas Christian University CEO

Aaron Heienickle

President - University of Missouri, CEO

Sean Hamilton

President - Iowa State University, CEO

Travis Rosbach

Founder of HydroFlask

Max Mirho

Host of EntrepreNerd, Entrepreneurship Educator, and Co-Founder at Moss Generation

Mike DeLazzer

Co-Founder of GetAMovie (redbox)

Chris Rickstrew

Founder & Lion King at 8 Billion Lions

Jason Feifer

Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine

Todd Cherner

Director of the Master of Arts in Educational Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship program at UNC Chapel Hill

David Ponraj

CEO of Startup Space

Michael Greenberg

AWS Startups at Amazon Web Services

James Zebrowski

CEO Global HQ - Executive Director

Allie Felix

Vice President of Embarc Collective

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Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization supports students at 250 universities. We focus on the development of any student that seeks to be a founder.

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