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Gabrielle Botbol

Ethical Hacker | Award-winning Pentester | Artemis Red Team | Board Member | Speaker | Mentor

Meghan Bell

Accomplished Cybersecurity, Privacy and Compliance Executive

Corey Ball

Published Author of Hacking APIs

Inon Shkedy

Co-Author of OWASP API Security Top 10

Elizabeth Ramirez

Manager, Community Operations, Cobalt

Vaishali Nagori

Security Researcher, Appknox

Dan Munro

Author and Forbes Contributor

Tushar Kulkarni

Creator of vAPI, Graduate student at Indiana University

Jose Palafox

Director of Business Development, GitHub

Natalee Webb

enior Program Manager, GitHub

Nick Aleks

DEFCON Toronto Founder

Dolev Farhi

Author, Black Hat GraphQL

David Linthicum

Chief Cloud Strategy Officer, Deloitte Consulting

Yoshiyuki Tabata

Software Engineer, Hitachi, Ltd.

Upendra Mardikar

Chief Information Security Officer

Carolina Ruiz

CEO, Brier & Thorn

John Moehrke

Co-Chair, Security Working Group, Health Level 7 International (HL7)

Troy Wilkinson

Global CISO | Cyber Thought Leader | International Keynote Speaker | Board Member & Advisor | Best Selling Author

Shannon Wilkinson

Cybersecurity Founder | Women in Technology & STEM Advocate | Keynote Speaker | Board Member & Advisor

Gordon Lawson


Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear

Lecturer in Cyber Security, Speaker & Ethical Hacker

Ryan Rutan

Senior Director of Community, Synack Red Team

Jeremiah Roe

Solutions Architect (DoD), Synack

Topher Marie

CTO and Cofounder, Strata Identity

Brenton House

Vice President, Digital Evangelism, Software AG

Arik Atar

Threat Intelligence Researcher, Human Security

Parth Shukla

Security Analyst, Cequence Security

Harish Kumar

Professional Cloud Architect, Google Cloud

Michael McCabe

President, Cloud Security Partners

Akshata Sawant

Developer Advocate, Salesforce

Warren Parad

CTO, Rhosys AG

Michael Taggart

Senior Cybersecurity Researcher, UCLA Health Sciences

Brian Joe

Co-Founder, Product, Impart Security

Chris Ayers

Senior Customer Engineer, Microsoft

Dhasaprakash Duraisamy

Principal Software Engineer, IAM & Security, Standard Chartered Nexus

Bharath Yadav

Integration Developer, Eidiko

Tobias Polley

Lead Architect, Predic8

Erik Wilde

Catalyst, Axway

Rohit Ghumare

Developer Advocate,

Nir Paz

Product Management,

Mike McCabe

President, Cloud Security Partners

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