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Katie Paxton-Fear

Lecturer in Cyber Security, Speaker & Ethical Hacker

David Sopas

Security Researcher at Checkmarx

Mehdi Medjaoui

Founder & Chairman at apidays conferences

Vitthal Shinde

Security Engineer at FICO & Synack Red Team

Phillip Wylie

Manager, Tech Evangelism & Enablement at CyCognito

Karl Mattson

CISO at Noname Security

Yoshiyuki Tabata

Software Engineer at Hitachi

Paulo Silva

Security Researcher at Char49

Jason Kent

Hacker in Residence at Cequence Security

Scott Gerlach

Co-Founder, Chief Security Officer at StackHawk

Dana Gardner

Director of Content at Traceable AI

Jim Hietala

VP, Business Development The Open Group

Michał Trojanowski

Product Marketing Engineer at Curity AB

Chuck Herrin


Sella Rafaeli

VP Solutions at Wib

Bernard Harguindeguy

SVP at Ping Identity

Dore Rosenblum

Director Product Management at Ping Identity

Ozgur Alp

Bug Bounty Hunter, Synack Red Team

Tushar Kulkarni

Security Research Engineer at Holm Security

Deepa Batra

API Security Engineer, Independent Consultant

Liam Forde

Founder and Head of Product at webhookie

Matt Tesauro

Distinguished Engineer at Noname Security

Alissa Knight

Partner at Knight Group and co-organizer of APIsecure conference

John Moehrke

Co-Chair of the HL7 Security Working Group

Ory Segal

Sr. Director & Product Management at Palo Alto Networks

Juan Pablo Tosso

Security Research Engineer at Traceable AI

Colin Domoney

Developer Advocate & API Security Researcher at 42Crunch

Robert Wagner

Global Field CISO and Head of Strategy at APIsec

Param Vig

CISO at Entegris

Ryan Rutan

Sr. Director of Community at Synack Red Team

Sal Karatas


Jeff Williams

Co-Founder & CTO at Contrast Security

Dan Munro

Author and Forbes Contributor

Gary Hayslip

CISO at SoftBank

Jeremiah Roe

Solutions Architect (DoD) at Synack

Christian Folini

Security Engineer at Netnea

Kuldeep Pisda

Backend Developer at Goldcast

Luis Alvarado Day

Associate Manager at Arstar IT

Mel Knight

CISO at Brier & Thorn

Tanya Janca

CEO and Founder at WeHackPurple

Jose Palafox

Director of Business Development at Github

Brenton House

Vice President & Digital Evangelism at Software AG

Upendra Mardikar

CISO at Snap Finance

Sanjay Nagaraj

CTO and Co-Founder at Traceable

Felipe Zipitria

Senior Security Engineer at Life360

David Linthicum

Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting

Grahame Grieve

Founder at HL7 FHIR Standard

Roberto Polli

API Expert & Digital Transformation Department at Italian Government

Timothy Davis

Director of Product Management at Chime

Christine Bottagaro

Co-Founder at Resurface

Topher Marie

CTO & Co-Founder at Strata Identity

Elizabeth Ramirez

Manager, Community operations at Cobalt

Baptiste Parravicini

CEO at apidays conferences

Megan Bell

Human API

Jyoti Bansal

CEO & Founder at Traceable

Amod Gupta

Product Manager at Traceable

Daniel Weaver

VP of Sales at Cequence Security

Giora Engel

CEO and Co-Founder, Neosec

nathan ritchie

Principal Security Engineer at Salt Security

Adam Fisher

Principal Security Engineer at Salt Security

Christine Vanderpool

VP, IT Strategy, Architecture & CISO at Florida Crystals

Rinki Sethi


Joshua Behar

Cyber Security Expert at L7 Defense

Ivan Novikov

CEO at Wallarm

renata budko

Head of Product at Traceable

Corey Ball

Published Author of "Hacking APIs"

Gil Shulman

VP Technologies at Wib

Nina Alli

Biohacking Village, Executive Director at

Jasmine Jackson

Senior Application Security Engineer, at Disney

Alyssa Miller

Business Information Security Officer at Standard & Poor Global Ratings

Dan Gordon

Director, Technical Evangelism at Traceable AI

Manoj Kona

Director Data Integration at Ciena

Sudeep Padiyar

Product Manager at Traceable

Amandine Elbaze

Cyber Security Consultat - API Fraud Detection SOAR at Cybersolutions

inon shkedy

API Security Project Lead at OWASP

Carolina Ruiz

CEO at Brier & Thorn

Ashish Kuthiala

CMO at Traceable

Eric Leach

Cofounder and CPO of Strata Identify

Hila Zigman

VP Product at Noname Security

Dan Farache

Strategy Advisor for API SECURITY & SOAR at Cybersolutions

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