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Philip Ideson

Founder & Managing Director, Art of Procurement

Kelly Barner

Head of Content and Brand Partnerships, Art of Procurement

Helen Mackenzie

Head of Community and Events, Art of Procurement

Keith Hausmann

Chief Revenue Officer at Globality, Inc

Melissa Drew

Associate Partner at IBM

Johann Raunig

Partner at McKinsey & Company

Jacob Gorm Larsen

Founder at Moneyball CPH

Jack Freeman

Partner at PeakSpan Capital

Fulden Sener

VP Transformation & Member of Board at BT Sourced

Colin Glazier

VP - Solutions at Zip

Scott Macfee

Chief Executive Officer at SpendHQ

Jason Bray

Chief Technology Officer at SpendHQ

Vanessa Pepperell

Global COO and Strategy Procurement VP at Aquanima Grupo

Alejandro Schipani

Head of Global Delivery / Santander Group-VP at Aquanima

Diego Barilla

CCO at Globality

Doug Van Wingerden

Executive Vice President at Insight Sourcing Group

Gary Levitan

Global Head of Procurement, Sourcing, & Supply Chain at WeWork

Remko Van Hoek

Professor at University of Arkansas

Mita Gupta

Senior Vice President and General Manager at Globality

Elisabeth Schlag-Lawrence

SVP, Head of Procurement Governance and Enabling at Bayer

Rod Robinson

Senior Vice President at Insight Sourcing Group

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Art of Procurement

We help CPOs and their teams impact their company’s top line as well as the bottom line, positioning procurement as a key enabler of business strategy.

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