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Creating events in the arts space for those who cannot attend traditional conferences, workshops, and more. Founded in 2019 by John Lawson.

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Books for the dead, the living, and everyone in between.

Zoetic Press

Humans are hardwired to tell stories.

The George A. Romero Foundation (GARF)

The GARF is dedicated to honoring the life, work, and cultural influence of George A. Romero by preserving and restoring his works and supporting independent filmmakers.

Emberletter Press

Creators. Storytellers. Firekeepers.

Dragon's Roost Press

Bringing You The Best Dark Speculative Fiction

StokerCon 2024: Author Life Productivity Tips & Tools

StokerCon 2024: Choosing the Best Setting for Your Story

StokerCon 2024: Dark Fantasy - A Discussion on Horror with Fantasy Elements

StokerCon 2024: Divination and Darkness: The Use of Divination for Generative Writing and Editing

StokerCon 2024: Fear Becomes Words Becomes Poetry

StokerCon 2024: Flipping the Lid on Mental Illness in Horror

StokerCon 2024: Latin American Folklore: Exploring our Identities Through Horror

StokerCon 2024: Modern Cosmic: The More We Change, The More We Stay the Same

StokerCon 2024: Self-Care for Horror Writers

StokerCon 2024: Short, Sweet, and Saleable

StokerCon 2024: Collaborative Writing

StokerCon 2024: How to Connect With Your Library Through Summer Scares

StokerCon 2024: Short and Not So Sweet- Composing a Horror Short Story Collection

StokerCon 2024: The Ins and Outs of Horror Comics

StokerCon 2024: To Hell and Back: Poetry

StokerCon 2024: What We Can Learn from Grief in Horror

StokerCon 2024: Southwest Horror

StokerCon 2024: Epistolary Horror

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Guy Quintero: A Whisper in the Dark

StokerCon 2024 Reading

L. Marie Wood: The Black Hole

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Kristi Petersen Schoonover: King of Bull

StokerCon 2024 Reading

C. K. Turner: Sparrow in a Tin Can

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Lee Murray: Despatches

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Leonard Shanti: Od and Ed

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Richard Goldsmith: The Serpents of Eden

StokerCon 2024 Reading

David Sander: His Unburned Heart

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Catlyn Ladd: As Those Above Fall

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Maria Alexandria: The Ascension

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Frank Coffman: What the Night Brings

StokerCon 2024 Reading

KC Grifant: The Sighting

StokerCon 2024 Reading

KA Schultz: "At One with Mere Ashes"

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Liz Kerin: "First Light"

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam: Grim Root

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Izzy Lee: I Can See Your Lies

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Petra Kuppers: Diver Beneath the Street

StokerCon 2024 Reading

Teel James Glenn: Daddy's Little Girl

StokerCon 2023: Queer Horror Canon

StokerCon 2023: Asian Narratives in Horror

StokerCon 2023: Dread and Desire

StokerCon 2023: Cryptids

StokerCon 2023: Anomalous Architecture

StokerCon 2023: Decades of Black Women in Horror

StokerCon 2023: Adaptations and Retellings

StokerCon 2023: Avoid Medical Mistakes in Writing

StokerCon 2023: Crafting Point of View

StokerCon 2023: Guest of Honor Spotlight

StokerCon 2023: Self-Care for Horror Writers

StokerCon 2023: Revamping Classic Monsters

StokerCon 2023: Remembering Peter Straub

StokerCon 2023: Podcasting Audio Books

StokerCon 2023: Lifecycle of a Book

StokerCon 2023: Tales of Weird Pittsburgh

StokerCon 2023: Ancestry as Source

StokerCon 2023: Antipodean Gothic

StokerCon 2023: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once: Asian Narratives in Horror and Speculative Fiction

StokerCon 2023: Monstrous Metaphors: Horror Movies and Cultural Commentary

StokerCon 2023: All These Pages Bleed: Horror In Libraries

StokerCon 2023: Bound in the Flesh: Crafting the Anthology

StokerCon 2023: Rising Terrors: Exciting Voices in Horror

StokerCon 2023: Canadian Horror

StokerCon 2023: Horror through a Southern Gothic Len

StokerCon 2023: Keeping the Artificial Out of Art: AI, Bots, and ChatGPT

StokerCon 2023: Sense & Sensitivity: Modern Approaches to Mental Health

StokerCon 2023: Something Old, Something New: The Power of Horror Retellings

StokerCon 2023: Short Stories, Novellas, and Long Fiction, Oh My!

StokerCon 2023: Sisters of Foreboding

StokerCon 2023: Transformation in Horror

StokerCon 2023: Using Mystery Conventions in Your Horror

StokerCon 2022: Horror in Comics and Graphic Novels

StokerCon 2022: Finding Your Scooby Gang: Networking in Horror

StokerCon 2022: Epistolary Fiction and Found Footage

StokerCon 2022: Digging Up Graves: Horror Non-Fiction

StokerCon 2022: Banned Books: The Rising Threat of Censorship

StokerCon 2022: Whatever Possessed You? Traditions of Possession

StokerCon 2022: What Makes Cosmic Horror Cosmic

StokerCon 2022: The Tell-Tale Kidney: Medical Accuracy in Horror

StokerCon 2022: The Rules of Horror Guest of Honor Panel

StokerCon 2022: The Gothic in Horror and Dark Fantasy

StokerCon 2022: Stronger Than the Sum of Its Parts Authors and Editors

StokerCon 2022: Stalking Halloween in Less than 12 Parsecs: Blending Horror and Science Fiction

StokerCon 2022: Resurrecting the Past: Historical Horror

StokerCon 2022: Red Flags: When an Editor or Publisher is Not Right for You

StokerCon 2022: Pushing the Envelope with Dark Poems

StokerCon 2022: Psychology of YA and Middle Grade Characters

StokerCon 2022: Psychological Horror: When Humans are the Monsters

StokerCon 2022: Pitch Panel Pitch Session Advice

StokerCon 2022: Other Terrors

StokerCon 2022: Nancy Holder Lifetime Achievement Award Interview

StokerCon 2022: Monster Mash

StokerCon 2022: Kolchak the Night Stalker 50th Anniversary Discussion

StokerCon 2022: How to Get Reviews and Communicate with Reviewers

StokerCon 2022: Horrormance: Blending Horror and Romance

StokerCon 2022: Horror Noire: Black Americans in Horror

StokerCon 2022: Horror in the 21st Century Genre-Defining Books

StokerCon 2022: Horror Hits Close to Home: Personal Experience in Horror

StokerCon 2022: Horror and Hope: Writing in the Age of Covid

StokerCon 2022: Have You Seen the Yellow Sign: The King in Yellow

StokerCon 2022: Hardcore Horror: Body, Splatterpunk, and Other Extreme Horror

StokerCon 2022: Ghost Stories: They Haunt Your Dreams

StokerCon 2022: From Bloody Page to Big Screen: Writing and Pitching a Script

StokerCon 2022: Folk Horror Revival: When the Old Superstitions Are New Again

StokerCon 2022: Summer Scares YA Author Panel

StokerCon 2022: Summer Scares Middle Grade Author Panel

StokerCon 2022: Summer Scares Adult Author Panel

StokerCon 2022: Objects of Fear

StokerCon 2022 Horror Crime and Suspense

StokerCon 2022: Writing Workshops

StokerCon 2022: Meet the 2022 Diversity Grant Winners

Stokercon 2022: The Nature of Evil

StokerCon 2022: Origins of Monsters

StokerCon 2022: Haunted and Abandoned Places

StokerCon 2022: Mental Health and Horror

StokerCon 2022: How to Curate Anthologies

StokerCon 2022: Gothic Fiction Panel

StokerCon 2022: From Prose to Silver Screen

StokerCon 2022: Classic Monsters Reimagined

StokerCon 2022: Art of Strong Endings