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STEP into a Better World: A call to action

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Andrew Andrea

Founder, Impact17

Gaëlle Mogli

Founder of ConnectAID, The International Solidarity Network

Zubair Anwar-Bawany

Co-Founder and CEO – Europe, Middle East & Pakistan, Quantum5

kristina touzenis

Managing Director, KP&K Impact Solutions

Virginie Lefevre

Program & Partnerships Coordinator, Amel Association International

Wei Zheng

Amity Foundation, China

Tanaji Sen

Executive Director, RedR India

Amos Njiraini

Founder, Eco Create & Innovate (ECANDI)

Leda Stott


Lea Stadtler

Grenoble Ecole de Management

Barbara Gray

The Pennsylvania State University

Ken Caplan

Partnerships in Practice

Peter Crane

Founder & Managing Partner, Planet Positive Ventures

Alex Edmans

Responsible Business Expert

Eva Zabey

Executive Director, Business for Nature

Sophie Benoit

C0-Founder, What The Hack

Caitlin Hafer

Co-Founder, What The Hack

Helena Knight

Sultan Qaboos University

David Lais

CEO, Organisation für nachhaltigen Konsum

Silvia Dusa

Bosch Power Tools

Daiyoung Jung

Smart City Development Consultant

Illia Gorodishchanov

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Obong Idiong

Africa Prudential Plc

Thomas Hohne-Sparborth

Lombard Odier Investment Managers

Vincent Subilia

Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services

Noa Gafni

Executive Director, Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation

Jeana Wirtenberg

Associate Director of Corporate Social Innovation Education, Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation

Bulbul Baksi

Partnership Brokers Association

Sille Krukow

KRUKOW - Behavioral Design Team

James (Chip) Cottrell

Holland & Knight LLP

Worth MacMurray

Governance & Compliance Initiatives Expert

John Granholm

Managing Partner, Mandeleo

Jennifer Wilde

Response Innovation Labs

Cherop Soy

Eco Warrior Kenya

Dan McClure

Innovation Ecosystem

Ana Belén Noriega Bravo

Secretary General, PEFC Spain

Sam Myers

Principal Research Scientist, Harvard University Center for the Environment

Alden Meyer

ICP Hub Climate Lead on G7/G20

Kel Currah

What World Strategies and G7 Task Force Chair

Lucy Almond


Emmanuel Guerin

European Climate Foundation, International Climate Policy Hub

Colin Rajah

Coordinator, Civil Society Action Committee

Natasha Freidus

Co Founder & CEO, NeedsList

Dave Prescott

Creative Director, The Partnering Initiative

David Imbago

Technical Programs Officer, CORE Group

Katherine Milligan

Bamboo Capital

Kali Taylor


David Lee

Partnership Brokers Association

Rafał Serafin

Partnership Brokers Association

Elise Buckle

Climate & Sustainability, Strategic Advisor to the UN

Martijn Van der Ven

CEO & Founder, Athalos

Mac Glovinsky

Innovation Lead at UNICEF

Monette Stephens

Managing Director, SF Growth Labs

Catriona Gourlay

Peace Nexus

Ina Paschen


Nicole Lüthi


Phoebe Maina

Dignified Children International

Chloe MacKean

Food Foundation

Hannah Graham

Food Foundation

Sally Ranney

President and Co-Founder, GlobalChoices

Inge Relph


Robert Swan

2041 Foundation

May Seitanidi

Academic, Kent Business School, University of Kent, UK and Luis Business School in Rome, Italy.

Debra Boudreaux

Executive Vice President, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

Rudelmar Bueno de Faria

General Secretary, ACT Alliance

Jean-Pierre Danthine

Academic, Paris School of Economics


Founder and Organiser, Global Freshwaters Summit

neil morgan

CEO, Hands Around the World

ken kragen

Chairman, Hands Around the World

David Bent

Strategy Advisor and Edmund Hillary Fellow

Sean Morgan


ceris jones

Climate Change adviser

Theo De Jager

President, World Farmers Organisation

Kati Partanen

Facilitator and Chair of the Women's Committee, World Farmers' Organisation

Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio

Action Track Co-Manager for the Global Commission on Climate Adaptation, World Resources Institute

Paul Zakariya

Executive Director, Zimbabwe Farmers Union

Rayan Kassem

West Asia Regional Director, Youth4Nature

Jean Ayoub

Secretary General, ISS

Mamta Borgoyary

Director, FXB India

Abbas Albasha

Former Vice Governor, Yemen Central Bank

Maarten van Aalst

Red Cross Climate Centre

Marco Lambertini

Director General, WWF International

Suddha Chakravartti

Head of Research and International Relations Lecturer, EU Business School

Gary Lynch

CEO and Founder, The Risk Project, LLC

Arsalan Abtahi

Planet Positive Ventures

Neelima Parasker

Snap IT Solutions and Forbes

Sydney Alfonso


Sana Mustafa ( she, her)

Associate Director of Partnerships & Engagement, Asylum Access

Anthony Moorhouse

Co-Founder, EarthTech Ventures

Martijn Lampert

Co-Founder and Research Director, Glocalities

Michael Sheldrick

Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer, Global Citizen

Madge Thomas

Lead, Private Sector, Innovative Finance and Philanthropy, UNICEF

Tríona Byrne

Director of Executive Marketing EMEA, Salesforce

Heeta Lakhani

Real Food Systems

Gargi Banerji

Founder-Director, Pragya

Safia Verjee

Innovation Manager, Kenya Red Cross

Paula Gil Baizan

Global Programme Development Manager - Innovation & Digital, the Norwegian Refugee Council

Adam Bornstein

Lead of Innovative Finance & Systems Change, Danish Red Cross

Lucy Perkins

Founder, Systems Entrepreneurs Advisors

Mark Tait

NGO Senior Consultant, Western Union Business Solutions

Tomy Hendrajati

President, Human Initiative

Ignacio Packer

Executive Director, International Council of Voluntary Agencies

Ian Dunlop

Engineer, Writer, and Energy Expert

Elaine Dezenski

Managing Partner, LumiRisk LLC

Laura van der Zande

Project Manager & Policy Officer, The Club of Rome

Valeria Drigo

Policy Lead, Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction

Enda Keane

CEO, Treemetrics

Jose Luis Tome

Forestry Engineer, Agresta

Paul Robitaille

Director, Indigenous and Youth Relations Project Learning Tree Canada

Rachel Lang

Manager, Education Products, Project Learning Tree

Chris Gray, Global Head of ESG, Pfizer

Innovation Expert

Samira Khan

Sustainability Champion

James Ehrlich

Academic Entrepreneur

Markus ElKatsha

Urban Expert

Peter Hall

Sustainable Energy Expert

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck

Sustainable Travel Expert

Rune Kirt

Innovation Expert

Emily Woollaston

Societal Data Innovator

Eugenia Coman

Advocacy Advisor

Navroop Sahdev

Digital Economist

Charlotte Kirby

Partnership Champion

Sandra Krähenmann

Thematic Legal Advisor, Geneva Call

Maria Wilvenna Añora

Digitalisation Expert

Fela Akinse


Rafiq Islam

Regional Vice President- North America, Smithers

Ravi Singh

Khalsa Aid

Clara Tsao

Trust & Safety Professional Association

Sonia Kabir

SBK Tech Ventures

Khoushbou Singh SEWRAJ

FALCON Association

Larisa Semernya

Environmental expert

Lily Cole

Activist and author of Who Cares Wins, a book exploring environmental solutions

Valeria Di Marzo

Communications Manager, World Farmers'​ Organisation

Kaitlin and Lauren Grierson

Co-Founders, TreesCO2

Victoria Masso

Founder & Director, Behaviour Hackers

alan laubsch

Founding Partner, Planet Positive Ventures

Karlee Schnyder

Director, Real Food Systems

Stephanie von Kanel


Sandrine Dixson-Decleve

Environment & nature expert

Arvinder Singh

The Digital Economist

Joanne Sawicki

Communications Specialist

George Orbelian

General Partner, Planet Positive Ventures

Violet Abtahi

Co-Founder Synclash

Katharine Wilkinson

Writer, Climate Change Activist and Vice President at Project Drawdown

Melchior de Muralt

Managing Partner, De Pury Pictet Turrettini & Cie and Co Founder, BlueOrchard Finance Ltd

Anna Mori

Partnerships and Project Manager, International Trade Centre

Ayesha Khanna

Managing Director, CARE

Adam Rogers

UN Adviser and Writer

Emma Grace Wilkinson

Coordinator of GlobalChoices’ Arctic Angels

Farhana Yamin

Lawyer, Author, Speaker, Activist and Founder of Track 0

anders wijkman

Co-President of Club of Rome and the Tällberg Foundation

Marten Kaevats

National Digital Advisor, The Government Office of Estonia

Darcy Roehling

Women 17

Gavin Edwards

Global Coordinator, WWF International

François Taddei

Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Center

John Moorhead

Project Director, Gallifrey Foundation

Merete Johansson

Chief at UNOCHA, Founder at Real Food Systems

Mark Ritchie

President, Global Minnesota


Director, Learning Planet Festival

Koen Timmers

Executive Director, Take Action Global

Valerie Hannon

Director, Innovation Unit

alice jay

Campaign Director for AVAAZ

Irene Suarez Perez

Lead of nature-based solutions and food systems, Future Stewards and the High Level Champion COP26

Rafe Pomerance

Former Under Secretary of State, Climate, USA

Patty Fong

Principal, EcoIntegrity

Xiye Bastida

Co-Founder at Re-Earth Initiative

Divya Nawale

Asian Development Bank

Brent Loken

Global Food Lead Scientist, WWF

Beth Chitekwe-Biti

Acting Managing Director, SDI

Klara Kehnel

Master Field Of Study Environmental Science, University of Zurich

Florence Jeantet

Managing Director, OP2B Coalition

James Lloyd

Partner, Asia-Pacific FinTech & Payments Leader, EY-Parthenon

Alexander Hauerslev Jensen

CCO, Be My Eyes

Mariam Eluma

Founder, HoBeei

Steve Waygood

Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors

Ariana Karamallis

Communications Specialist

Barbara Ryan

Space program Director, World Meteorological Organisation

Vemund Olsen

Rainforest Foundation Norway

Glenn Hurowitz

CEO, Mighty Earth

Mark Kenber

Managing Director, Climate Advisers Trust


Director for Natural Resources, AFD

Danielle Carreira

Climate and Environment Specialist

Gail Whiteman

Researcher, University of Exeter

Marjorie Brown

Roedean School, South Africa

Marie-Claire Graf

YOUNGO Focal Point at UNFCCC and Co-Founder Sustainability Week International

Sarah Hendel-Blackford

Programme Management Officer, Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Haider Nazar

Co-Founder & CEO, MAHA Global

David Chen

Co-founder, AngelVest Group and Founding Managing Director AngelVest Fund LP

Peter Willis

The Resilient Shift

Ann Rosenberg

Co-Founder UN Global Compact SDG Ambition

Leonie Bremer

Climate Activist

Felipe Carazo

World Economic Forum

Malini Mehra

Chief Executive, GLOBE International

Indy Hothi

Khalsa Aid

sebastian jespersen

CEO and Co-founder, Vertic

Martin Wainstein

Open Earth Foundation, Yale OpenLab and MIT Media Lab

Vanessa Garcia Polanco

Federal Policy Associate, National Young Farmers Coalition

Owen Gaffney

Global Sustainability Analyst, Writer and Head of Media, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Daniel Aronson

Founder, Valutus

Sabrina Herold

Managing Director, MYBLUEPLANET

Alicja Mosbauer

The Digital Economist

Jenn Bonine

AI AppStore

Chandran Nair

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Global Institute for Tomorrow

Dr Maha Hosain Aziz

Visiting Fellow, the Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics.

Wendy Pekeur

Founder and Leader, Ubuntu Rural Women and Youth Movement

Sheela Patel

Founding Director, Society for Promotion of Area Resource Centres

Barney Swan

Founder, ClimateForce

Titte Obelitz Søe

International Advisor at Danish Red Cross

Antoine Terrien

Country Manager, Red Cross Ukraine

Eric Dawson

Co-founder, Peace First

Yousra Mshmsh

Artist, Youth Activist and Entrepreneur

Pramisha Thapaliya

Youth Ambassador, Real Food Systems

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Why do businesses embrace the SDGs?

Dr Ahmed Al-Meraikhi

Eddie Girardet interviews the UN Secretary-General's Advisor Dr Ahmed Al-Meraikhi

James Chip Cottrell

The benefits of private sector partnership for social good

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The SDG framework for business as a part of society

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Humanitarian partnering leadership, responsibility and accountability

Cynthia Figge

Data and ranking to influence companies to do good

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Coalition for Urban Transitions

The leading global initiative helping national governments unlock the economic power of inclusive, zero-carbon cities.


International Risk Advisory


The World is changed by your example, not your opinion.

Eco Create & Innovate - ECANDI

Sustainable Everyday Living

Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation (RICSI)

Corporate Social Innovation

EU Business School

Real world research through partnerships


Creating a climate-friendly tomorrow

Hands Around the World and TreesCO2

Hands Around the World

KP&K Impact Solutions

Making Sustainability a Business Driver

The Food Foundation

Global Youth Food Charter

Civil Society Action Committee

Why Civil Society Matters

Real Food Systems

Accelerating Food Systems Transformation


Global Commons on the Edge of Extinction: An Agenda to Protect the Arctic Ecosystem

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A Global reset: a stronger, greener recovery

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Farmers’ approach towards resilient food systems

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From April 23-25, 2021

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