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Accento 2021 - Java/JavaScript/Ops

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Emily Jiang

Java Champion, Liberty cloud native architect and advocate, MicroProfile guru, and international conference speaker

Shai Almog

Developer advocate at Lightrun, co-founder of Codename One, Java Rockstar, speaker, author, blogger, open source hacker

Rob Richardson

Software craftsman, Microsoft MVP, published author, speaker, and diligent teacher and student of high quality sw dev

Halil-Cem Gürsoy

Software architect who focuses on large distributed Java Enterprise applications and their challenges

Christian Schwörer

Supporter of digital transformations towards distributed, cloud-based (microservice) architectures

Holly Cummins

Innovation Leader at IBM, Java Champion, IBM Q Ambassador, JavaOne Rock Star, and regular keynote speaker

Falk Sippach

Softwarearchitekt, Berater und Trainer

Kenzie (they/them) Woodbridge

Systems analyst, web developer, docs wrangler, and community manager

Nicolas Fränkel

Hazelcast developer advocate, experienced consultant, teacher, trainer and author focused on testing, CI/CD, and DevOps

Peter Kröner

Frontend specialist, long-time teacher, veteran of dry specifications and buggy browsers, Erklärbä

Gunnar Morling

Software engineer, Debezium project lead, Java Champion, open-source enthusiast by heart, and avid blogger

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Disy Informationssysteme

Accento is a project of Disy, one of the leading suppliers of data analysis and reporting solutions for authorities in German-speaking countries.

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🏝️ Java

Java Optimisation // Java 17 // Java 17 APIs // JVM & Kubernetes // MicroProfile

🏝️ Borneo

JS Generator Functions // Quarkus and Mocks // Java (17) [Panel] // JS Tests

🏝️ Sumatra

Change-Data Capture // Distributed [Panel] // On-call Developer // CSS // Documentation


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