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Alex Quigley

National Content Manager, Education Endowment Foundation

Matt Gray

Vice Principal, Ark Acton Academy

Sarah Hubbard

Subject Lead for English, Ofsted

Zainab Juma

Brand Campaign Manager, Penguin Random House UK

Elmina Ferguson-Small

Head of English, Ark Pioneer Academy

Bryn Davis

Head of English and Associate Senior Leader, Ark Blake Academy

Kirsty Kelsey

Assistant Faculty Leader - English, Essa Academy

Hannah Stoten

Subject Lead for Early Mathematics, Ofsted

Chantelle Daley

Assistant Head Teacher, Ratfern Primary School

Cherie Saunders

Maths Lead, Ark Castledown Primary Academy

Tabitha Gould

Framework Designer, Cambridge Mathematics

Katy Rosser

Maths Lead and Year Six Class Teacher, Redriff Primary School

Caroline Sharp

NCETM Maths Link, Maths Hub

Fin McLaughlin

Membership Officer, Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM)

James Protheroe

Principal Development Lead, Ark Curriculum Plus

Elaine Bennett

Founder of Keeping Early Years Unique and Early Years specialist

Anne Watson

Retired Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

Mike Ollerton

Mat, Mathematics Education Consultant KS2-KS5, Member of the ATM

Dani Quinn

Senior Network Lead for Mathematics, Ark Schools

Helen Stride

Head of Secondary Maths Mastery, Ark Curriculum Plus

John Mason

Dawn Follos

Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby

Jessica Taylor

Maths Coordinator, Guildford County School

Elizabeth Tyler

Managing Director, Ark Curriculum Plus

Steve Rollett

Deputy CEO, Confederation of School Trusts (CST)

Becky Allen

Chief Analyst and Professor of Education, Teacher Tapp

Andrew Truby

Chief Executive, St Joseph Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Johanna Klinsky

Director of Teacher Development, Ark

Helen Drury

Director of Curriculum Programmes, Ark Curriculum Plus

Hannah Parsons

Network Lead for Primary Mathematics, Ark Schools

Jenni Richards

Network Lead for Primary Maths, TKAT

Teresa Garside


Claire Faubert

Acting Headteacher, St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Narayan Deb

Assistant Principal, Kingsley Academy

Herminder Channa

Executive Principal, Ark Teaching School Hub

Professor Jonathan Sharples

Professorial Research Fellow, Education Endowment Foundation

Keya Lamba

Co Founder, Earth Warriors

Shweta Bahri

Co Founder, Earth Warriors

Joshua Perry

Founder, Smartgrade

Gemma Brittle

Senior Delivery Manager, Ark Curriculum Plus

Clare Hill

Principal Delivery Lead, Ark Curriculum Plus

Claire Heald

Director of Education, Academies Enterprise Trust

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Ark Curriculum Plus

Student success through empowered teaching. Equipping teachers with focused teaching support and integrated professional development support to be their best. So that your students can achieve their best.


Earth Warriors Global

Age-appropriate Climate Education for Young Children

Get Further

Getting students ahead in further education

Learning with Parents

Homework that supports all families to engage in learning together at home


Support pupils to discover where maths can take them and how it can change the world!

Science Mastery

Student success through empowered teaching


Standardise Ark Curriculum Plus assessments & compare w/ other schools

Teacher Tapp

Painting a true picture of education, one tap at a time

On Demand: The EYFS reforms

Elaine Bennett, Keeping Early Years Unique

On Demand: Diagnostic Quizzes (Maths Primary)

Practical advice and logistical tips

On Demand: Mathletics and Mathematics Mastery Primary

How to maximise pupil outcomes

On Demand: Analytical writing in KS3

How English Mastery prepares students for KS4

On Demand: The 'catch-up' science curriculum

How to build in opportunities for recovery of learning after Covid disruption

On Demand: Mathematics Secondary additional training

An overview of available training on MyMastery

Replay: Keynote: Curriculum Resilience: Looking through the lens of Covid-19

Steve Rollett, Confederation of School Trusts

Replay: MAT Leader perspectives: Transforming quality of education across your trust

Claire Heald, AET and Andrew Truby, St Joseph Catholic MAT

Replay: Teacher development: Where your programme can fit within your broader PD strategy

Helen Drury, Ark Curriculum Plus and Johanna Klinsky, Ark Schools

Replay: Network Lead Perspectives: Empowering schools to get the most from their complete curriculum programme

Teresa Garside, TKAT, Hannah Parsons, Ark Schools and Jenni Richards, TKAT

Replay: Creating a mathematics curriculum for mixed-attainment classrooms

Mike Ollerton, ATM

Replay: Care in mathematics education

Anne Watson, University of Oxford

Replay: Maths Secondary

How to lead successful implementation of a maths resourced curriculum in your school

Replay: Messages from Ofsted's research review

Hannah Stoten, Ofsted

Replay: Paint me a picture

Tabitha Gould, Cambridge Mathematics

Replay: A deep dive in Mathematics Primary

Cherie Saunders, Ark Casteldown Primary Academy & Chantelle Daley, Rathfern Primary School

Replay: Mastering the fundamentals of reading and writing

Alex Quigley, Education Endowment Foundation

Replay: Approaches to creative writing

Matt Gray, Ark Acton Academy

Replay: Exploring constructions of quality in the curriculum in English

Sarah Hubbard, Ofsted