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8th edition Greening the Islands e_Convention – International Conference and Exhibition

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Gurbuz Gonul

Director, Country Engagement and Partnerships - International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Sai Navoti

Chief, SIDS Unit, UNDESA

Amani Alfarra

Water Resources Officer - Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Maxime Prodromides

President, SMILO (Small Islands Organisation)

Gonzalo Piernavieja


Davide Strangis

Executive Director (EU PROGRAMMES, Partnerships, membership and Geographical Commissions) - CPMR

Jaimes Kolantharaj

Senior Energy specialist , South Asia department, Asian Development Bank

George Assonitis

Adviser EU Affairs, INSULEUR

Lucas Harms

Managing Director, Dutch Cycling Embassy

Attilio Piattelli

Senior Technical Specialist, Greening the Islands

Amanda White

Operations Director, Marine Renewables Canada


Editor-in-Chief, Recharge

Helmut Morsi

Expert for New Technologies & Financing

Amit Yudan

CEO Ardan GmbH

Mohamed Raaidh

Managing Director, Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation

Bart Biebuyck

Executive Director FCH JU (The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

Paul Kyprianou

External Relations Manager, Grimaldi Group

Nadim Chaudhry

CEO World Hydrogen Leaders

Manuel Redondo Zaera

Technical Secretary COAG Canarias

Panayotis Zcharioudakis

Managing Director Ocean Finance Ltd

Mercedes Sanz Millan

Head Consultancy & Training Dept, Foundation for the Devpt of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon

Nigel Holmes

Chief Executive, Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association

Ferran Rosa

Managing Director, Institut Balear de l'Energia

Ana Fernandez-Iglesias

GTI Circular Economy Specialist

Enzo Favoino

Scientific Coordinator, Zero Waste Europe

Raphaelo James Villavicencio

Program Manager, Mother Earth Foundation

Fictor Ferdinand

Director of operations, YPBB

Miko Aliño

Program Coordinator, GAIA

Craig Michie

GEMM Member, University of Strathclyde

Stefano Moncada

Director, Islands and Small States Institute - University of Malta

Judith Ephraim-Schmidt

Programme Director, Sustainable Energy - Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Commission

Veronika Neumeier

Policy Officer, Greening the Islands & Vision AnAlytics

Martin Moody

Electrical manager, BMT

Francesco Gattiglio

Director EU AfFairs & Policy, EUROBAT

Marit Brommer

Executive Director, IGA

Enrico Toja

President of the Eco-Sustainable Development Association of Elafonisos

Paolo Barbato

Ceo, Wiseair


VICE GOVERNOR, Region of Crete

Bruce Bromley


Marina Montero Carrero

Technical Lead, Clean energy for Eu islands

Amjad Abdulla

Head of Partnership, International Renewable Energy Agency

Ivan Pineda

Director of Public Affairs, Wind Europe

Nadine Mercieca

Head of Unit at the Environment and Resource Authority, Malta

Zana Kontomanoli

Project manager Clean blue Paros, Common Seas

Sandro Lauri

Chief policy officer, The Energy and Water Agency Malta

Yann-Hervé DE ROECK

Chairperson, IEA/OES / Executive Director, France Energies Marines

Jacopo Tosoni

Policy Officer, EASE - The European Association for Storage of Energy

Andrea Galliani

Deputy Director, wholesale energy markets and environmental sustainability directorate, ARERA



Joseph Borg


Kate Brown

Executive Director, Global Island organisation

Eddy Paris

Representative - Government Aruba to the EU as well as OCTA ExCo President

Giovanni Ruggieri


Edita Dranseikaite

Policy Officer, DG ENER, European Commission

Georges Kremlis

Honorary Director - European Commission, in charge for DGENV of circular economy and islands

John Peter Portelli

Professor, University of Toronto

Carlo Alberto Gaetaniello

Chief operating officer, Wiseair


Team leader, European Commission - Maritime affairs and fisheries, DG MARE

Jose Fernandez Garcia

Policy Officier, European Commission, DG MOVE

Brian Pasquill

CEO, AOE Accumlated Ocean Energy Inc

Gianni Chianetta

Director - Greening the Islands

Christian Del Bono

President, Federalberghi Isole Eolie

Maria Del Pino Palacios-Diaz

Profesora Titular, ULPGC


Marketing and destination Maker, BIKE HUB

Shawn Meyer-Steele

President - Board of Directors, CARIBDA - Caribbean desalination and Water reuse association

Tosca van der Zwaag

Project manager, Folkersma Routing en Sign

Angelo Nogara

Strategy Development Manager - Greening the Islands

Tristen Dodd

Head Transport, Highways & Infrastruture, Government of Jersey

Ben Sonneveld

Deputy director, VU Amsterdam

Mariyam Mooha Midhath

Assistant engineer, Stelco



Andrea Blair

Director Business and Innovation, Upflow

Lindsay de Sausmarez

President of the Committee for the environment & infrastructure, States of Guernsey

Albert Salman

President, Green Destinations

Francesco Leva

Technical Personnel, Energy Department Sicilian region

Michael Frederico

Technical director, Aguas e energia do maio

Raffaella Moro

CEO, REair

Gian Luca Guerrini

R&D Manager, REAir

Layal Shakir

Engineer, fenaka corporation limited

Borja Blanco

CEO, Aqua Advise

Edoardo Patriarca

Business development Cold Ironing, Enel X

Dr. Abdulla Naseer

Maldives Minister of state of environment, Climate change and Technology

Michela Miletto

Coordinator, UNESCO

Carlo Starace

Associate programme officer, International Renewable Energy Agency (irena)

Brad Buckham

Professor, University of victoria - Integrated Energy Systems Institute

Theocharis Tsoutsos

Professor, Lab Director – Technical University of Crete (TUC)

Kostas Komninos

Vice-president for Smart and Sustainable Islands, FEDARENE

Jörg Singer

Major, Helgoland Island, Chairman, Germany

Ursula Annunziata

President, EDS (European Desalination Society)

Myriam Castanié

Strategy Manager,

Francesco Luise

Observatory Technical Coordinator, Greening the islands

Abdulla Mausoom

Minister, Maldives Ministry of Tourism

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Hosted by

Greening the Islands

Since 2014 Greening the Islands has organized nine international and national conferences promoting the enlarged concept of circular island economies.

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Greening the Islands

An innovative organization that supports self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands worldwide.

Enel X

Making Opportunities Happen

Gozo Regional Development Authority

Formulating and streamlining economic and social policies for future sustainable development


As simple as being natural

Chumbe Island Coral Park

Nature conservation and environmental education through ecotourism, in the world’s first privately protected marine park.

St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean

St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean is a breath of fresh air in today’s world: Covid-free, remote, safe, unique.

Island Power Solutions LTD

Driving change to decentralized energy


It’s time to change air

Green Hysland

Deployment of a Hydrogen Ecosystem on the Island of Mallorca Deployment of a Hydrogen Ecosystem on the Island of Mallorca

EU Islands Facility NESOI

Unlocking the potential of EU islands to become pioneers of European Energy Transition.

Green Destinations

Empowering local communities to make tourism sustainable

Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC)

Promoting knowledge and technology as key drivers for sustainable development


Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union

Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC)

Building prosperity for the Maldivian community through Integrated Tourism.

Islands Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

Islands stand together



The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE)

The European Association for Storage of Energy - Shaping the Future of the Energy System.

Marine Renewables Canada

Canadian national association for tidal, offshore wind, wave, and river current energy development

Islands and Small States Institute (ISSI) of the University of Malta (UM)

Over 30 Years of excellence in Islands and Small States Studies research, teaching and training.

International Geothermal Association

We are the International Geothermal Association – the global organization supporting the geothermal sector and delivering the future of clean energy.

Federalberghi Isole Eolie

For a sustainable developement of tourism in the aeolian islands

Economic Development Agency of Corsica – ADEC

The Corsican innovation and international partnerships referent

OTRA – Island Development Agency

Central institution for coordination and implementation of development initiatives on the Cres-Lošinj archipelago

European Desalination Society

European Desalination Society is a prominent voice for Desalination, Water Reuse and the Environment for industry and academia for Europe and the Mediterranean Region.