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Dr. Gyles Morrison, MBBS MSc

Clinical UX Strategist | Founder: Clinical UX Academy, Clinical UX Association, Black UX Society

Debbie Levitt, MBA

Author, Trainer, and CX Strategist | Founder and CXO, Delta CX

John Bowie

Author of Navigating the Politics of UX | Chief Research Scientist at Colorado Design Labs LLC

Jonathan Yap

Design Director

Mitra Homolja

Co-founder / Director at Studio Tēpu

Ellie Tuckey

Co-Founder and Director at Studio Tēpu

Anannya Bhowmik

Service Design & Design Strategy at BCG

Sarah Loigge

UX Writer at Parkside

Grace Lau

Co-President at World Information Architecture Day

Andrea Rosenbusch

Co-President at World Information Architecture Day | Managing Partner at Zeix

Annie Stewart

Organizer at UX Antwerp | Sr. Strategist for Sustainability & Innovation at WONGDOODY

Marcella Missirian

President UXPA of Los Angeles, Senior Director Experience Design, Blizzard Games

Jim Lane

Founder at NoVA UX Meetup | Senior Director of Product Design at CNN Politics, Business & Verticals

Jennifer Blatz

Co-founder of UX Research & Strategy Group | UX Researcher at Rocket Companies

Paul McInerney

Founding Member of TorCHI | Sr. UX Researcher at CIBC

Jesse Anton

Co-Founder at 24 Hours of UX | CEO at Whitespace

Peter Horvath

Co-Founder at 24 Hours of UX | UX & Service Design Lead at Whitespace

Luis Berumen

Director at Calgary UX | Sr. UX Designer at Enbridge

Padmashree Shetye

Co-founder at IterateUX

Taylor Childers

Product Designer at Splunk

Johannes Lehner

Initiator at UX Graz | Organizer at 24 Hours of UX

Shaza Hakim

UX Principal at Stampede | Principal Curator at UX Malaysia | Organizer at 24 Hours of UX

Dr. Idyawati Hussein

Deputy Director of Institute for Smart Digital Opportunities at Universiti Utara Malaysia

Chee Seng Leong

Associate UI/UX Designer at Stampede

Haunani Pao

Organizer at UX Aukland | UX Consultant

Robert Hsu

Sr. Manager Digital Experience and Accessibility at HSBC

Lowene Chan

Design Mentor at IxDA Hong Kong | Service Design Principal at AIA Hong Kong

Ada Yuen

Managing Director & Founder at CoolGranite Ltd.

Joshua Randall

Senior Product Designer at RevLocal

Ana Sofia Gonzalez

Senior Design Lead at Microsoft

Johanna Pokorny, PhD

Research Lead at University of Tornonto

Anelynda Mielke-Gupta

Sr. CX Strategist at RBC Ventures | Co-Founder of Boomerang

Angeli Humilde

Resident Anthropologist, Design Research at TD Bank

Richard Littauer

Open Source Community Facilitator | Founder of The User is Drunk

Dr. Eunice Sari

CEO and Co-Founder UX Indonesia | Co-Founder Customer Experience Insight Australia

Jaz Wilkinson

Chief Experience Officer at Sentro | UX & Product Strategist at UXNZ

Leticia Serrano

Co-Founder at IterateUX

Mark Lacsamana

Lead Designer - Design Systems at PageUp

Sahar Al-Haj Yousef

UX Designer at Orange

Rüya Ince

Mixed methods UX researcher at adidas

Ahmad ALhuwwari

UX/UI Manager at Orange Jordan | Co-organizer of 24 Hours of UX

Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Founder and Director at World Usability Day

Estefania Olmos

UX Product Designer at Veritran | Co-organizer of 24 Hours of UX

Susana Pallero

Accessibility Subject Matter Expert | Co-founder DALAT

Hang Xu

Senior Staff UX Designer at Boston Dynamics

Charbel Sejaan

UX Strategist & Researcher, UX/UI Design Director at MindFlares

Dr. Mohammed Alhusban

Director | Customer Experience Insights and Performance Principle at du

Mohammad Omar

Lead UX/UI Designer at Orange Jordan

Medhat Mekky

Director Of User Experience at Arab African International Bank

Lujayn Alhddad

Human-Centred Design, Service Design, Experience Design at STC

Musab Barakati

Agile Coach at Orange Jordan

Kammiri Corinaldesi Aros

Product Research and Design Manager at InternetNZ

Silvia Marquez

UX UI Consultant | Accessibility specialist | Co-founder at DALAT

Christina Halladay

User Experience Director at ITX Corp

Erika La Torre

Design Manager at Veritran

Carolina Rojas

Agile Coach at Continuum HQ | Co-leader at Mas Mujeres en UX

TBD Speaker

Open slot in the program, for now

Din San Diego

Anouschka Scholten

Agustina Zato

Product Manager, Veritran

Liliana Reyes

CEO en Continuum HQ

Regina Lena

Product Design Manager, Agrotoken | Product Manager ,+Mujeres en UX LATAM

Keith Instone

24 Hours of UX Organizer | Digital Experience Research Analyst at Stratascale | OG

Donna Spencer

24 Hours of UX Organizer | Principal Product Designer at MakerX

Seth Mbhele

24 Hours of UX Organizer | Specialist Design Director at McKinsey & Company

Thea Betts

Lead Product Designer, Roam Digital

Inez Patel

Founder, She Can Do | Design Director, Absa Group

Kate van Niekerk

Head of UX at MakeReign | Co-organiser and DirectorCo-organiser and Director, She Can Do

Alice Sung

Iterate UX | UX Designer

Gyles Morrison

Clinical UX Strategist | Founder: Clinical UX Academy, Clinical UX Association, Black UX Society

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24 Labs

We are a non-profit, made up of local and independent UX event organizers from all corners of the world. Every year we host 24 Hours of UX, the world's largest UX community-led conference. We also host the 24 Minutes of UX podcast. Ticket sales and sponsorship funds enable us to build ties across borders, and democratizes the sharing of UX wisdom. Thanks for supporting this grassroots initiative!

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