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Karl Lokko

Co-founder & Chairman at Black Seed

Hiro Tamura

Partner at Atomico

Corinne Vigreux

Co-Founder & CMO at TomTom

Janneke Niessen

Co-Founder & Partner at Capital T

Tom Wehmeier

Partner at Atomico

Sarah Guemouri

Senior Associate at Atomico

Niklas Zennström

Founding Partner & CEO at Atomico

Sebastian Siemiatkowski

Co-Founder & CEO at Klarna

Miki Kuusi

Co-Founder and CEO at Wolt

Riku Mäkelä

COO at Wolt

Marianne Vikkula

VP of New Markets at Wolt

Ilkka Paananen

CEO at Supercell

Tony Blair

Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change & Former UK Prime Minister

Linda Griffin

VP Global Public Policy at Kry | Livi Co-Founder of the European Technology Alliance.

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