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2021 Rule Symposium on Natural Resource Investing

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Sandeep Singh

President & CEO, Osisko Gold Royalties

Matt Fargey

CFO, Maverix Metals Inc.

Dr. Keith Barron

CEO & Chairman, Aurania Resources Ltd.

Morgan Poliquin

President & CEO, Almaden Minerals Ltd., Azucar Minerals Ltd., Almadex Minerals Ltd.

Darwin Green

President & CEO, HighGold Mining Inc.

Tony Reda

Founder, President, CEO & Director, Tectonic Metals

Ivan Bebek

Co-founder, President & CEO, Sombrero Resources

Peter Dembicki

President, Tier One Silver

John-Mark Staude

President & CEO, Riverside Resources Inc.

Miles Thompson

President & CEO, Lara Explorations

Bruce Smith

CEO & President, Radius Gold Inc.

Kelly Earle

Vice President, Communications, Skeena Resources Limited

Michael Kosowan

President & CEO, Torq Resources

Amir Adnani

President & Ceo, Uranium Energy Corp.

Leigh Curyer

Founder and CEO, NexGen Energy Ltd.

Keith Neumeyer

President & CEO, First Majestic Silver Corp.

Andy Schectman

President, Miles Franklin Precious Metals

Cory Belyk

Executive VP & CEO, CanAlaska Uranium

Michael McNeilly

CEO, Metal Tiger plc

Christian Easterday

Managing Director, Hot Chili Limited

Rudi P. Fronk

Chairman & CEO, Seabridge Gold

Dr. Mark Cruise, P. Geo

Director & CEO, New Pacific Metals Corp.

Trey Wasser

President & CEO, Ely Gold Royalties

Tony Giardini

President and CEO, Trilogy Metals Inc.

Lobo Tiggre

Founder & CEO, Louis James LLC and Publisher of Independent Speculator

Brien Lundin

Editor & Publisher, Gold Newsletter

Byron King

Editor, Jim Rickards' Gold Spectulator, Agora Financial

Gwen Preston

Editor, Resource Maven

Nick Giambruno

Chief Analyst, The Casey Report and Crisis Investing

Mickey Fulp

Mercenary Geologist

Adrian Day

Chairman & CEO, Adrian Day Asset Management

Grant Williams

Co-Founder, Real Vision Group

Brent Cook

Independent Exploration Analyst, Exploration Insights

Joe Mazumdar

Co-Editor & Analyst, Exploration Insights

Randy Smallwood

President & CEO, Wheaton Precious Metals Corp.

Rob McEwen

CEO and Chief Owner, McEwen Mining Inc.

Ross Beaty

Chair Emeritus, Pan American Silver Corp. and Chairman, Equinox Gold Corp.

Doug Casey

Founder, Casey Research LLC

Robert Friedland

Executive Co-Chairman and Founder, Ivanhoe Mines

James Rickards

Editor, Strategic Intelligence, Paradigm Press

Nomi Prins

Distinguished Political-Financial Expert, Journalist & Author

Danielle DiMartino Booth

CEO and Chief Strategist for Quill Intelligence LLC

Remy Blaire

Multimedia Journalist

Albert Lu

Event Director, Producer and Host, Rule Symposium

Rick Rule

Founder & President, Rule Investment Media

John Black

CEO & Director of Regulus Resources

Rich Checkan

President and COO, Asset Strategies International

Glenn J. Mullan

President & CEO, Golden Valley Mines Ltd.

David Garofalo

CEO & President, Gold Royalty

Alastair Still

CEO, GoldMining

Scott Melbye

Executive Vice President, Uranium Energy Corp. / President & Ceo, Uranium Royalty Corp.

Joel Litman

President & CEO, Valens Research

Shawn Wallace

Executive Chairman, Torq Resources Inc

William Bonner

Founder, Agora Publishing

Simon Ridgeway

Founder, President, CEO & Director of Volcanic Gold Mines and Founder & CEO of Gold Group

Kerem Usenmez

President, CEO & Director of Metallum Resources

David Smithson

SVP Exploration, Tier One Silver

David Awram

Sr. Exec. VP, Sandstorm Gold Royalties

Travis McPherson

SVP Business Development

Todd Anthony

First Majestic Silver

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CanAlaska Uranium

Speaker - Cory Belyk, Executive Vice President and CEO

Ely Gold Royalties/Gold Royalty Corp.

Speakers-David Garofalo, CEO & President, Gold Royalty Corp. and Trey Wasser, President & CEO, Ely Gold

First Majestic Silver Corp.

Speaker - Keith Neumeyer, President & CEO

Gold Group Management Inc - Radius & Volcanic Gold and Metallum Resources

Speakers –Bruce Smith, CEO, Radius Gold; Simon Ridgway, CEO, Volcanic Gold; Kerem Usenmez, CEO Metallum Resources.

GoldMining Inc.

Speakers -Amir Adnani, Chairman and Founder; Alastair Still, CEO

Hot Chili Limited

Speaker - Christian Easterday, Managing Director

Metal Tiger plc

Speaker - David Michael McNeilly, CEO

Miles Franklin ltd.

Speaker - Andy Schectman, President and CEO

New Pacific Metals Corp.

Speaker - Dr. Mark Cruise, CEO & Director

NexGen Energy Ltd.

Speaker - Leigh Curyer, Founder & CEO

Seabridge Gold Inc.

Speaker - Rudi P. Fronk, Chairman & CEO

Skeena Resources Limited

Speaker - Kelly Earle, Vice President, Communications

Tier One Silver

Speakers- Peter Dembicki, President & CEO & David Smithson, SVP Exploration

Torq Resources

Speakers - Shawn Wallace Executive Chairman and Michael Kosowan, President & CEO

Trilogy Metals Inc.

Speaker - Tony Giardini, President and CEO

Uranium Energy Corp. & Uranium Royalty Corp.

Speakers - Amir Adnani, UEC President & CEO; Scott Melbye, URC President & CEO

Almaden Minerals, Azucar Minerals and Almadex Minerals Ltd.

Speaker - Morgan Poliquin, President & CEO

Asset Strategies International

Speaker: Rich Checkan, President and COO

Aurania Resources Ltd.

Speaker - Dr. Keith Barron, CEO & Chairman

Golden Valley Mines and Royalties Ltd.

Speaker: Glenn J. Mullan, President & CEO

HighGold Mining Inc.

Speaker - Darwin Green, President & CEO

Lara Exploration

Speaker - Miles Thompson, Chairman, President & CEO

Maverix Metals Inc.

Speaker - Matt Fargey, CFO

Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd.

Speaker - Sandeep Singh, President & CEO

Regulus Resources Inc.

Speaker - John Black, CEO & Director of Regulus Resources

Riverside Resources Inc.

Speaker - John-Mark Staude, President & CEO

Sandstorm Gold Royalties

Speakers - Nolan Watson, President & CEO and David Awram, Sr. Exec. VP

Sombrero Resources

Speaker - Ivan Bebek, President & CEO

Tectonic Metals Inc.

Speaker - Tony Reda Founder, President, CEO & Director

Fission Uranium Corp.

Company Reps: Bob Hemmerling, Exec. Mgr and Richard Newbury, IR

Osisko Development

Speaker: Sean Roosen, Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO

Opportunity Travel & Events

Event Organizer and Travel Specialist