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2021 MassChallenge Verticals Opening Night

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Siobhan Dullea (she/her)

CEO, MassChallenge

MassChallenge HealthTech Erin Jozwiak

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MassChallenge is the global network for innovators. Come solve with us.



4Blind company conducts research, develop, create and produce innovative technologies for the rehabilitation and improvement the quality of life of blind and deaf-blind people.


Agamon’s technology helps improve patient care and radiology follow-up management, by reducing patient missed to radiology follow-ups

Augment Therapy

Augment Therapy is an interactive software that uses the medium of augmented reality to engage kids to exercise.


BetterYou is an AI coach that helps people make better wellness decisions by linking how they spend time back to their goals (social, physical, learning, mindfulness).

Butterflly Health

Butterflly is a Digital Therapeutics Company focused on Behavioral Health for underserved populations.


The social support platform for health hardships

Digbi Health

First AI-driven gut microbiome and genetic based Precision Digital Care Platform for inflammatory musculoskeletal, digestive, insulin and skin co-morbidities associated with obesity.


Ejenta is an AI platform for remote monitoring and connected care.


Traditionally insurers assess health risks through questionnaires and/or medical exams. This results in a long and cumbersome purchase experience, low accuracy and high costs.


HUED is a technology-enabled platform that provides Black and Latinx communities access to culturally-competent healthcare providers.


Julota automates collaboration between providers, case workers, EMS and police.


Kinto is a tech-enabled coaching service training and supporting family caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer's Disease and other chronic conditions.


Our machine learning platform, Maestro ML™ sources patients for clinical trial engagement and more, this empowers patients for better health outcomes.


Litesprite builds games to help people manage chronic health conditions. Clinicians and players rely on our data insights. We have won +25 Global Health Awards including the first mental health videogame to win a U.S. Surgeon General Award.


With the rising drug costs & the pressure on healthcare to control costs & to improve health outcomes, Lyfegen offers unprecedented solutions to help healthcare payers to pay for drugs only if they work!


The MindMics platform, utilizing unique earbud technology, delivers comprehensive cardiovascular monitoring that is continuous, noninvasive, and automated.


Today, electronic medical records (EMRs) are data silos, where each health system stores data slightly differently -- this leads to fragmented medical records, a huge amount of waste in the US healthcare system ($750B/year) and poor patient outcomes.


Ōmcare is a digital health company pioneering a product platform that enables remote care in the home, extends the reach of caregivers and redefines medication adherence (as right medication, right time, right person).

Quick'rcare Inc.

Quick'rCare is a digital platform that connects sick patients with Urgent care, emergency rooms, retail clinics, and Telehealth.

SafeDose, Inc.

Children deserve your best care. SafeDose helps stop dangerous pediatric medication errors.

See Yourself Health

Award-winning, accredited, virtual reality solution to combat healthcare worker burnout and the resulting $4.6B in costs.

Semantic Health

AI-powered medical coding to make unstructured health data actionable.


Soshe is digital health & wellness for new/expecting moms that complements the care of their physician. #SoSheCanThrive

Strados Labs

Strados Labs offers a FDA cleared biosensor patch and connected platform that enables passive, objective, and remote monitoring of patients’ lung health in real-time.


Changing eldercare with advanced technology that both preserves the privacy and dignity of our elders.

TREND Community

TREND Community is a digital health analytics company with a mission is to inspire solutions that accelerate treatment discovery and improve the quality of life for people living with rare and underserved diseases.


We help people overcome depression and anxiety with an effective digital program - kind of like Duolingo, but for learning skills typically taught in therapy.


At WearWorks, we build products and experiences that communicate information through touch.


Wolomi is the only digital community and app that offers support to women of color to improve maternal health outcomes.


ZIBRIO provides the complete solution for fall prevention, from precision measurement of balance and fall risk to personalized fall risk management and on-demand balance training.


Accern is a no-code AI platform that enables financial organizations to draw insights from a vast amount of data, increasing efficiency and informing better decisions.

And Financial

Transform Student Debt into Retirement Assets


Beekin is a Big data analytics company for real estate investors. We optimise assets, manage risk through business applications embedded into workflows.


We help businesses maximize each of their customer's lifetime values with predictive and prescriptive analytics.


BodesWell partners with the largest financial services companies to move people toward their financial goals.

Regulatory change management designed for Financial Services enterprises


eCredable helps consumers and small businesses owners build stronger credit profiles to access better financial products and services


EmPowerYu enables data-driven care in the home for everyone, including high risk older adults with physical, cognitive, and technical limitations

Farther Finance

A family office used to be for billionaires. We replace legacy tech and archaic processes to pull that experience forward.


Finaeo is streamlining life/complex insurance distribution by connecting insurance carriers, advisors and clients through an integrated marketplace ecosystem.

Flourish Savings

Flourish provides financial institutions with a tailored engagement platform to drive deposits and deeper relationships.

Gig Wage

Financial infrastructure for the future of work. Gig Wage helps companies and platforms pay independent workers aka gig workers & freelancers.


Goalsetter is the smartest money app for the whole family - from cradle to graduation, including parents, too.


gravityAI is a platform for Enterprise business teams to explore, test, and intergrade AI algorithms without needing to know how to code.


Habu is the leading Data Clean Room application enabling safe data sharing between companies, with privacy and security at its core.


HomeZada is a personal finance / fintech platform for consumers to manage their largest financial asset and largest expense, their home.


Activate Your Data

Manetu, Inc.

Manetu's Consumer Privacy Management platform offers seamless, dynamic and intelligent end to end management of consumer consent and data-ac


Monit is a predictive cashflow and financial optimization platform designed for business owners, offered by the financial institutions that serve SMBs.


myGini - Magic in Your Cards, Rewards & Shopping Offers to Make Spending and Saving Money Easier. White labeled for your brand.


Optalitix is a specialist data, analytics and AI solutions provider. We are experts at turning your spreadsheets into systems using our SaaS product, Acumen.


Owlin is the news analytics tool that helps finance professionals monitor their portfolio proactively, continuously, and in real-time.

Qoins Technologies Inc.

Qoins is a financial wellness app that helps consumers pay off their debt faster, by combining financial education and automation.

Retail MarketPoint

Every retail real estate transaction in the U.S. – every property sale, lease, loan, or investment – can be measured by an RMP BrandScore™.


Retirable helps pre-retirees plan for a better future with free access to professional retirement guidance and planning services.

Rialto Markets

Rialto democratizes and expands privates markets for both issuers and investors.


TCARE reduces the risk of long term care (LTC) insurance claims via an evidence-based family caregiver support program.


WEVO is the only tool that pinpoints the root cause for why more visitors aren’t engaging with your company's digital experiences. WEVO generates recommendations to improve engagement, on live websites and in the design phase.


Data analytics & business intelligence to understanding, govern and managing risk for spreadsheet driven operations.


Worthright takes the ambiguity out of planning and paying for life with an aging loved one.