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2020 Oslo Freedom Forum

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The event is over

Hosted by

Human Rights Foundation

We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes and protects human rights globally, with a focus on closed societies.


HRF Merchandise Store

It's time to wear your values!

Flash Drives for Freedom

Smuggling outside information into North Korea

Art in Protest Virtual Gallery

Supporting dissident artists around the world

Hong Kong Desk

Holding perpetrators of human rights abuses in Hong Kong accountable

Celebrities & Dictators

Denouncing pop culture figures who prop up dictators

Freedom Fellows

A unique one-year fellowship opportunity

HRF Digital Bookstore

A special collection of books authored by Oslo Freedom Forum speakers

Dissidents and Dictators

A podcast exposing and challenging authoritarianism around the world

WORKSHOP - Fundraising in the Early Stages of a Movement

Developing fundraising activities for grassroot movements

WORKSHOP - How to be a Guest on Live TV from Home or the Field

Lights, Camera, Action! How to prepare for live TV appearances with no fancy equipment

WORKSHOP - The One Trick Hackers Hate

Secrets & unvarnished truths about cybersecurity

WORKSHOP - Digital Transformation During a Pandemic: Risks & Solutions

(This workshop is held in Arabic)

Uyghur European Ensemble

Keeping Uyghur culture alive

#ArtistsxArtists with Chinese dissident artist Badiucao and Italian political cartoonist Gianluca Costantini

Two artists. Two artworks. One message: Defend artists and artistic freedom.

Firewall Cafe

Investigating online censorship


Bringing transparency to online censorship

Access Now

Defending digital rights of users at risk

IDEA Nepal

Ending child marriage & empowering women and girls

Oh My World!

Your weekly world news – quick and dirty! We go after dictators and human rights abusers while lifting up those doing good around the world.

Together We Fight to End Impunity

Justice for victims of state-backed killings in Cambodia