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1921-2021: 100 years with and without Kropotkin

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Tomas Pewton

OrganicLea: Mutual Aid in Practice

William Godfrey


Shaun Pitt

The Kropotkin Papers and the personal networks of Piotr Kropotkin

Sergey Saitanov

The definition of anarcho-reformism by Peter Kropotkin


Kropotkin's Law of Mutual Aid: An Evolutionary Perspective

Mark Losoncz

Kropotkin and the Social Physiology of Value

Nikolay Gerasimov

The World War Problem: P. Kropotkin and G. Maximov

Shangshang Wang

Making Sense of Plants and Animals: Intellectual Dynamics of Sino-Japanese Evolutionary Imagination, 1906-1945

James Willis

Kropotkin’s Abolition of Fear: Imagining a Mystical Anarchy after Religion

David Saunders

Kropotkin, the Logishin Affair, and the Case for Anarchism

Ole Sandberg

Finding Satisfaction in Life: Kropotkin on Human Nature, Morality, and Joy

Lara Green

Kropotkin, Age, and the Russian Revolutionary Movement in the Transatlantic Imagination

Pascale Siegrist

Kropotkin's World

Michael Grooff

The Engine of Mutual Aid: Kropotkin’s Bipartite Account of Sympathy

Dmitrii Ivanov

"Applause from the Right": P. A. Kropotkin as Anarchists' Enemy, Summer 1917

Constance Bantman

Kropotkin and his friendship with Jean Grave

Zoe Baker

Kropotkin’s Definition of Anarchism

Christopher Coquard

Marie Goldsmith: “Titan of Anarchism”

Andrey Gornostaev


Adeline Coignet (she/her)


Natalia Portnova

Dmitrov letters of P. Kropotkin

Claudia Firth

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Groups

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